The Simple Things

I can’t believe we’re almost done with January. I had been meaning to post about our holiday–so here it is, a little late.

When I was in high school, I loved the song by Paul McCartney, “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time”. You know you do too–it’s so catchy! Ironically, there’s a funny (that is, we can laugh about it now) story about how it almost ruined our family Christmas, but you had to have been there.

This past Christmas reminded me of that song. It was the simple things that made it wonderful:

  • Ben and Milo cut down the most perfect tree yet. I didn’t want to take it down!
  • Ben’s letter from Father Christmas, handwritten with his calligraphy and amateurly illustrated by yours truly
  • Celebrating Christmas morning in our home, with Nana and Grandpa who left sunny Santa Cruz to spoil their grandchildren with an insane amount of presents (loud and talking ones, much to our chagrin–thanks guys).
  • Getting to watch Star Wars in theatre
  • No work laptop and zero obligations in Maryland. It really felt like a vacation where I could do nothing.
  • So my “nothing” was LEGO. In Maryland, I spent every spare minute playing LEGO with Milo, my sisters, and, well, by myself until 1am.
  • Hanging around the table with my family enjoying desserts imported from France by Cookie
  • Emmett hamming it up at the table, showing off his cutest and latest tricks
  • Playing tennis with my dad and Cookie on our court up until it got dark, just like when we were kids.

But really, like Grandpa said, the best thing about Christmas are the kids. Being around kids at Christmas reminds you what Christmas is supposed to be like. Interestingly enough, Milo wasn’t really into Santa until Christmas Eve, and then he was all over it. What a lucky kid to get to open so many presents and over so many days!

But still, our sage 4-year-old never ceases to amaze me. After all the indulgence, I asked him what his favorite part of visiting Ong and Ba? His reply: “Well, my favorite part was being with them.”

Runner up was the trampoline that the cool Tata cookie got for the kids. Here’s a video of Emmett and Milo:



Congrats to Kimmy and Andrew. You are part of Milo’s fav club. Oh, and we’re excited for the next Bui Cousin wedding! 



Milo and Daddy going for a hike along the Potomac River


Totally biased, but best tree and best kids ever 



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