A Birthday to Remember

I’ve never been good at history or dates; you really don’t want me on your team for Trivial Pursuit. But I’ll certainly remember my 36th birthday: the day the supreme court declared same-sex marriage legal. What pride.

That news was really the icing the cake for my birthday, which was quite mellow and nice. I slept in, had the day off from work (after a super intense two weeks), Ben cooked dinner, and we all made my favorite dessert–tarte aux fruits–from scratch. Milo helped with licking the cream and Emmett got to partake in the fruit eating.


The week before, we had a really nice treat for father’s day. Ben’s parents came up and watched the kids for the whole weekend while we went up to Vancouver, BC for the prestigious ALCAN dragon boat race. Years ago, it would have felt like an intense 48-hr weekend, but this was a road trip without kids! We threw two duffle bags and paddles in the back of the trunk of trusty Lazy Eye (who yes, is still running!), I reclined my seat, and we didn’t stop. I almost didn’t know what to do with all the free time in between races. I actually met the back half boys for beer.

Meanwhile, Grandpa and Nana held down the fort. They took the kids to the zoo, to our friend’s 40th birthday party, and napped when the kids napped. Chippy was also in town for weddings (we couldn’t convince her to come up with us), and when she was around, she dutifully played with Milo and took pictures.



Emmett is at an absolutely adorable age. He’s just starting to crawl (after army crawling for almost month), sitting up on his own, and continues to be such an easy and happy baby. He loves loves loves to eat. He has still yet to refuse any food and it’s awesome to give him exactly what we’re eating at the table (I do lick off the salt). And knock on wood, he’s become a much better sleeper. That magic 7pm bedtime.

Here is a video of Emmett’s first steps crawling, to me–yay 🙂

Here is a video of Milo holding Emmett on his own, albeit, briefly:

Milo can have really happy days or really frustrating days. We’ve seen a few more meltdowns. Before I could talk him through it, but sometimes, he is so emotional he can hardly breathe (he is his mother’s son…sigh). I can tell this is a phase he has to go through, and from one temper to another, I empathize. Just recently, I’ve been able to temper them with sending him to his room. But most of the time, he’s our witty charmer. The other day I was hugging Ben and Milo asked why. “Because I love Daddy.” Milo then said, “When I’m older, I wish I could marry you.” This week Ben and Milo camped three nights outside in our backyard (yes, in this heat). Milo loved it! “Mommy, I’m going to camp forever. Ok, just before winter.” I laughed when they came in wearing just headlamps and underwear to go to the bathroom. Milo slept in and when he woke, he was so happy to have his daddy next to him. He whispered in Ben’s ear, “You’re my best best best friend in the whole world.”


Milo spent a whole weekend in 90-degree heat wearing his dragon costume. He was very engrossed in his role. Here are two versions of the same scene: we went from serving our country to eating people up.

I’ll end with this adorable picture of Ben and Emmett. In just nine days, these two are going to spend the next two months together. Ben cannot wait and I’m totally jealous.



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