Seaside Vacation

I was starting to panic about going to back to work (which happens this Monday, SOB). As if I hadn’t taken advantage of all this time off to do anything fun (which is not the case, but you know how stir-crazy you can get spending all day–and night–with an infant). So at the last minute, we decided to go to the coast for a long weekend, hoping to see whales in migration. We invited some other friends and were thrilled when they all said yes.


Ben and me (and no kids!)


The Greenhunts


Super Mom Natalie


The Mathers

Though two swapped nights, there were four families total, or more impressively, seven adults and nine kids. It was awesome chaos. There were many meltdowns, not enough beach balls, not enough sleep, but also tons of giggles and playing together.


The girls


The boys


Who needs a big screen?


One day Emmett will keep up with everyone

We rented a spacious ocean-front house in Seaside. It was a good deal for a really nice place with a view like this:


Each family got one room and we threw five kids in the remaining room. The first night, after we tucked them in and left, the jokes and chatter immediately started. “Maybe we’re having pillow pancakes for breakast!” “No, bunk bed pancakes!” And so on. It took way too long for them to fall asleep. And of course when one woke up before dawn, so did the rest. Milo was certainly the most overtired–ah well.


I asked Milo what was his favorite part of the weekend. His answer: the bunk bed.


Dashiell’s sleeping arrangement

It rained off and on, but that didn’t stop these native Oregonian children. They splashed in the puddles AND the waves. We didn’t see whales, but when the sky cleared up, there was an amazing double full rainbow. And the wind was good enough for even 3-year-olds to fly kites.





Seaside Carousel, the least sketchy place in Seaside.


We stopped off at Camp 18 along the way.

I grew up taking beach trips like this with my very large family. My family and relatives would drive 10 hours down to South Carolina and take over a resort. It truly was an Asian Invasion. We shared houses, took turns cooking, the kids played together while the grown-ups sat around and talked. I now understand what an undertaking this was on my parents’ behalf, and how important it is to make these trips and memories happen.

More pictures here:


I didn’t dare play against Nicole, but Nate came close.


Reading time, the only way to calm the kids down.


A fleeting moment: everyone at the table for dinner


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