Winter, In Theory

Winter kind of flew by, in that, we didn’t really have one. We’ve had record-breaking sun, warmth, and dryness. I know I shouldn’t be jealous of all the snow on the east coast, but I am a little! Milo asked endlessly to go to Mountain Hood (as he calls it) and play in the snow. We settled by taking him ice skating.


These rookies did 1 1/2 laps in 20 min.

Milo has been obsessed about mountains and volcanoes, in particular, Mt. St. Helens. The idea and imagery of something exploding that big mystifies him. He ate a chip and took a bite off the top, “Look Mommy! It’s Mountain St. Pelens!” The other weekend, it was super clear so we hiked up to Council Crest to show him a view of all the mountains. It was unfortunately SO windy and cold, so we quickly whipped out the binoculars, snapped a picture, and took our picnic elsewhere.


Mountain St. Pelens!

This past weekend we went down to Santa Cruz to visit Ben’s parents. Milo is a pro traveler. He walks up to the check-in counter, “My suitcase does not have to go on there! It’s small and can go on the plane!” He insisted on wearing his cape all the time, and funnily enough, he’s still surprised when people would pass him by saying, “Hi Superman!” Emmett has now already been on two flights and did great. We had a nice time, hanging out with the grandparents, soaking in the sun, moving at kids and Santa Cruz speed, and reuniting with Tata Chippy! Here are a few pix and more on FlickR:


Emmett LOVING the sheepskin, and baring some skin, at last!


The airplane was empty so I lay him across the row and he slept the whole flight.


Milo and his BFF. We literally had to peel him away from her.


Milo discovered Grandpa’s kayak in the shed.


Milo obviously loved the boardwalk rides.

Still, traveling with kids is not exactly a vacation. With just 16 days (EGAD!) before I go back to work, I’m trying to give myself some breaks. My ideas of “vacation” are sleeping in (even for just a little bit), cooking, getting things done around the house, and exercise. Tennis has been awesome–I love the competition and mental stimulation. Ben has been running daily at work–he better watch out, or else he may become a runner again. And it may be naive, but we’re still both dragon boating. The season just started, so we’ll see how we can manage it. We take turns going to practice. It does feel like work–that is, the night it’s your turn to put the kids to bed–but when you’re on the water, it’s such a great escape.

Without these regular commitments, we’ll happily curl up on the couch and watch Downton Abbey (we started about a month ago and are already on Season 4). Queued up next are House of Cards and Game of Thrones. In that case, winter IS coming!


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