Emmett – A newborn?

As I take Emmett out and about, I’ve noticed that people LOVE newborns. They always stop to smile when they realize how small of a baby I have wrapped in me. When they ask how old he is, I can’t simply answer two months. I definitely still count his age in gestation weeks and not his actual age.

Emmett has been home for a little over two weeks, and he is doing very well. We’re completely exhausted, but really, did we expect otherwise? I’m terribly sleep deprived, but I’ll try to remember what has happened since we came home from the hospital.

The first week was definitely the hardest. Emmett still had problems with the bottle, and would often choke, or even scarier, stop breathing. One time in the night, his lips turned blue. We both took a moment there, and after that, we were extra vigilant with the feeds. On top of that, there was the worry whether he was gaining enough weight. But Emmett has knocked that out of the park: he’s gained 1.5 lbs in just over two weeks, and is now 8 lbs and 2 oz. Woohoo!

The second week went smoother. We were just incredibly busy with family, doctor appointments, the everlasting feeds, and, oh yeah, a toddler. At least the lactation nurse told me that I can ease up on the pumping. Now that it’s obvious Emmett isn’t starving, we’re hoping he can get off the fortification (extra calories for the milk) sooner, because he absolutely hates it. It also gives him so much gas. Our goal is to exclusively breastfeed, and I wasn’t sure that would happen since it’s not common for preemies. But so many nurses and doctors have been surprised that I am able to breast feed so much and that he’s getting a fair amount from me. And now Emmett protests the bottle more and more now. It’s become such a battle, many of which I’ve lost and offered the breast instead.

As Emmett approaches full term, a few things I want to jot down. It’ll be interesting to compare his milestones to Milo’s, since they both came home around the same gestation (37 weeks).

  • Up until 38 weeks, all Emmett did was eat and sleep. Now he’s started to be awake for 1-2 hours a day.
  • Feeds were 3 hours apart but clearly moving to 2 hours now that he is hungry and nursing more.
  • Started tummy time, just 2 min. for a few times a day. He lifts his head up once per session.
  • Wants to be held all the time now, which is partly why I haven’t blogged as much.
  • Prefers to sleep on his belly or on somebody. We’re figuring out the nights. He has slept on Ben’s chest a fair number of times.

I mentioned family earlier and I want to give out a shout out to mine. My mom arrived just before Emmett came home from the hospital, and I don’t know what we would have done without her. How does she manage to have a dinner (with multiple dishes) on the table, kitchen cleaned, laundry folded, and arms ready to hold Emmett for HOURS? We even woke her at 5am to hand over Emmett so we could get some sleep.

Cookie and my dad arrived the second week, and it was a really nice family visit. Milo loved having both his tatas around. He’d visit them first thing in the morning, which meant extra rest for us. Cookie may excite Milo and offer ice cream before the nap, but she is so much fun for him. She took him everywhere: swimming, on bike rides, to the park, to the toy store. Cookie just gets kids. She’s like a big kid, and it’s fitting that she brought him a Peter Pan costume for Halloween (which he LOVED and wore for three days straight.)

And it was so cute to see my dad, Mr. Serious, I Never Smile For the Camera, smitten with Emmett. He’d come down after holding him all morning, exclaiming, “he’s just so cute.” He definitely likes the age where the we don’t talk back (ahem).

I’ve posted many, many pictures on FlickR but haven’t had the energy to sort, so here are a few. I’m waiting for the professional ones from Tata Chippy.









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  1. I love it! We should get together soon (I can come to you!) – this is a wonderful post.

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