Five Months and Curious

Five months into the pregnancy and I finally took a belly photo. I feel a lot bigger this time, but comparing to week 21 from last time (front and side view), it’s not as noticeable as I expected. But people are starting to notice the belly which is better than just looking bloated all the time.

2nd pregnancy, 5 months, week 22

2nd pregnancy, 5 months, week 22

I’m still feeling good and not noticing much about the pregnancy. I am surprised I can still run, albeit pretty slow and not very long (last weekend, 6 miles was plenty).

In Milo-land, we’ve been in the “WHY?” phase. It’s actually more like “WHHHYYYYY?” Sometimes it’s cute; other times we find ourselves deflecting to each other. Zero gravity and why that stranger crossed the road are really not my areas of expertise.

But we love the curiosity. They were learning about amphibians at school. Milo asked if people were amphibians, because we live in houses but also go in swimming pools. A valid question, I’d say.

Milo started asking about when his baby brother comes out of my belly. “He can walk?” No. “He can talk?” No. “He can crawl.” No. “No, he CAN crawl.” Hope he”s not too disappointed! Right now Milo enjoys the concept of being a “big kid”, often proudly telling people “I am going to be a pre-schooler and I am going to have a baby brother”. We managed to get some cute videos of Milo talking to his “baby brother” (aka me and my belly).



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