Baby #2

Yup, baby #2 is on its way! I am about 19 weeks (almost half way) and due November 7th, four days before Milo’s third birthday. Milo was three weeks early and I’m hoping this one comes a little early too so they don’t have to share so close of birthdays.

We know the sex: it’s a boy! Wow, another boy. I admit I was hoping for a girl, for various reasons. My whole life I’ve been surrounded by sisters and close girl cousins, and we would have liked to try raising a girl (and have her like Snorts too ­čÖé ). But I’ve gotten excited about the idea of them having a brotherly bond. We actually found out pretty early, around 11 weeks,┬ábecause I will be, ahem, old when I deliver and at a higher risk for birth defects. So they took my blood and did a bunch of┬átests, including finding the baby’s DNA in my┬áblood (pretty cool!).

Today we had the big ultrasound and everything┬áis confirmed looking great. Just like Milo, this one was kicking and moving around a ton. Sigh. Because I almost went into preterm labor last time, I will continue to have ultrasounds to monitor. We’re hoping to take Milo to a later one when it might actually make sense.

A few days after we found out that I was pregnant, Milo had a sixth sense, asking me if I had a baby in my belly (I think it’s because other moms at daycare were visibly┬ápregnant). He sort of gets it. He’s still telling everyone he’s having a baby sister. But he┬átalks about how I can’t drink coffee because the baby isn’t a grown up yet. Every night at bed time, he wants to touch┬ámy belly. We pull up our shirts and give skin-to-skin belly hugs and kisses. It’s sweet.

We think Milo will make a great big brother. He’s very kind to and interested in babies. The other day, we ran into a friend and he exclaimed to her 9-month old, “You’re just getting bigger and bigger!”

I have been terrible about documenting (not a single belly photo yet), ┬ábut a few things I’ve noticed the second time around:

  • At six weeks, I had the same extremely fatigued feeling, like I wanted to sleep all the time. Both times I thought it was because of a cold. Apparently something’s wearing me out.┬áBut I’m very lucky to never had nausea or morning sickness.
  • Even though I’ve gained the same weight (5-6 lbs), I’d say I’m showing about 3-4 weeks earlier than last time. Ben joked maybe I’m just not as in shape, which is true…
  • I felt kicks, the butterflies, starting last week at 18 weeks (last time I didn’t feel anything until 21 weeks).
  • I am craving SALT, majorly. Bring on the savory food: french fries, fried chicken, seafood, Vietnamese, Indian… But absolutely no sweets–I can’t even finish a cookie!
  • I’m still running. Last time I stopped around now, so we’ll see how it goes. Tennis and paddling are fine.

But honestly, we constantly forget that I’m pregnant. When I do think about it, I can’t help but wonder about the adjustment to come: me going back to nursing and interrupted sleep, my mama’s boy having to share his mommy, and the parent to kid ratio being even, which basically is the same as being outnumbered.






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  1. I love it — two is basically like being outnumbered. So true! ­čÖé Great post!

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