Milo’s “New Song”

This is a video that Chippy took when she was babysitting Milo for the evening a few weeks ago. She said this monologue (or I guess, conversation with Duck) went on for 15 minutes. I just love how he’s glancing around the room to get ideas. Pronunciation seems to take a lot of effort when he’s making up things, so here is my best effort at subtitles.

MILO: Just like I think. Just like I think, um, if we had saw a mother at the airport, duck, then we would and <indecipherable> watch out and ride on the airplane, monster will come with us and we’ll both roar. SO, that’s the problem. Duck, I have a new song. I have a new song, so Duck…that’s song… I have, I have a new song, Duck.

DUCK: What’s the new song, Milo?

MILO: I’ll try to find the new song. It’s about windows. About monsters and windows and dinosaurs and pumpkins and ducks.

DUCK: I would love to hear this song.

MILO: And, and about books also. One day. You. One day the monster came to the windows and ate up the windows. Then a head came in and bumped the monster. THEN a light came to knock the head down. THEN a handle came to knock the light down, to, knock the light down. THEN tree came and something knocked down the tree. THEN house came and nothing knocked down the house. THEN. Duck. What happened, duck? Some people came to help up those. So, what happened duck?

DUCK: What happened, Milo?

MILO: Some people came…I pass the rainbow. Same people came to check the rainbow. Firemen and women. And, and pillows to pick up the rainbow. THEN. The phone came, the phone came. Then trapeze came and pinano (piano) came to play mosquito. Mosquito. A pinano mosquito. So.






  1. That made my day! So inventive with his storytelling.

  2. […] And I just posted only a snippet of one of his first made-up stories. I can watch these epic monologues on repeat: […]

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