Les Grandes Personnes

Lately Milo has been quite the homebody. We ask him if he wants to go to the climbing gym, the zoo, or the library, and he simply replies, “Stay home.” And it’s kind of awesome. We love no set schedule and we experience Milo’s imagination in fine form.

One minute we’re hiding from the BIG monster, a.k.a. Milo in oven mitts; the next we’re skiing with wooden spoons and slippers. We picnic with our friends (the stuffed animals), and Milo tells them, “If you eat a good dinner, I will give you some of my pancake. It will be goooood.” We reenact nursery rhymes, like the big bad wolf or the three bears. One day Milo spent a whole afternoon playing with a tall cardboard box: he hid inside, we pushed him around chariot-style, and he pretended to take out the garbage. Our jammer has interpreted Mozart’s “Rondo Alla Turca” to be called “Gallop”, and at school he got many children from different classes all singing “Jingle Bells” and playing air guitar. And Ben’s favorite: we catch birds. That is, we take said wooden spoons, run around the house until we suddenly stop, stand in a circle, point all the spoons in the middle, and exclaim, “We caught a bird!” OK!

We have no idea where he comes up with this stuff. Ben thinks his creativity is sparked by the fact that he has nothing else to play with. Ok, I feel a little bad but he has a point. Milo often makes me feel like une grande personne. Heck, the other day he pointed at something abstract and told me it was an elephant.

Milo is also into exploring language. Sometimes he works so hard to express himself, but if you wait it out, it’s worth hearing. He still talks in third person more often than using “I”, except, interestingly enough, when he talks to the stuffed animals. “Watch out Sammy Bear. You’re on the edge of the bed and you might fall. I can catch you.” He wants to understand everything: the other day he asked, “What does stealing mean, Mommy?” Oh boy. It’s funny to hear him create words. One time he didn’t want to eat the smaller grapes because they were “too skinny”, as in too much skin. He likes to play on words: he was amused when we explained “brunch” and we now sing “the witsy bitsy spider ran up the water sprout”.

And just recently, he has been curious about spelling words. He knows all the letters in his name but can get mixed up about the order. But he knows what letters some words start with, like A is for Alex and J is for January, etc. One evening this week, we experimented and he was able to point out MILO, MOMMY, TATA, and DADDY. One time he wanted a Y in his name, and thought it was funny when I called him Miloy.

He is still eating a TON. One day at school, apparently he ate a lot of pears and then tried pinching his tummy to get them out so he could eat them again. He’ll eat anything–spinach, salad, zucchini, tomatoes–for a good dinner to get a treat, even if he doesn’t like it. He takes a bite, winces, and says, “Milo likes it? That’s a good dinner?”

I don’t want him to grow up so fast but he so badly wants to be une grande personne. “When Milo’s taller and taller, Milo’s a grown up and Milo can use those markers.” (Currently we have lots of highlighters lying around for Ben’s next puzzle project; more on that sweatshop in another blog.) Not yet, mon petit prince, not yet.

Audubon Society

Hike at the Audubon Society


Finger painting. He was more interested in washing the paint off.

Circle time at school

Milo has a lot to say at circle time at school.

Ba's Almond Bread

Staying home means I have time to bake!

A real sweatshop

Sweatshopping on Daddy’s puzzle project

Working on his Pitch Perfect cup drumming

We have a lot of bubble wrap to pop.

Handing Daddy the “grown up” markers


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