Happy Birthday to Milo!

My dear Milo,

Today is your birthday! And wow, have you been waiting for it.  Being the youngest in your class, you are now a birthday party veteran. Your favorite song from this year 2013 is probably the “Happy Birthday” song.

Your 2nd birthday landed on Veteran’s day, so we took the day off and spent the perfect day with you. We went to the zoo at your request, spoiled you with french fries and a cupcake, and watched lots of Snorts for a very long time. We went to the park to play with your new soccerball, which you mostly refused to let go and told everyone it was a present! You baked cookies with Daddy. After dinner, we surprised you with two candles and the Happy Birthday song. And we sang it again and again, at your request. I finally remembered to catch a video by the 5th or 6th time.

I think you like it because it has the word HAPPY. Just like me, you’re a people pleaser. You do things to make people happy. Milo shareMilo give hug. Look Daddy, Milo likes broccoli! Mommy’s happy now! Take note: you also use these charming tricks to get away with anything, which you often do.

At two years old, I would easily describe you as thoughtful and emotional, and observant and chatty. You have an impressive vocabulary. Your daddy is very pleased that you’ve memorized, “The Epiplectic Bicycle”, one of his childhood favorites. You shock us with your appetite, especially for cereal, Vietnamese food, noodles…and broccoli! And you *still* hum when you’re really enjoying a meal. You absolutely love music — drumming, playing the guitar, and singing — and we can only hope that your current performances aren’t a reflection of our genes.

You are a mama’s boy. We keep thinking this mommy phase will pass, but it’s been two years now. In the morning, you call Mooom-my! and at night, you send Daddy off to bed. Fortunately, you have become a much better sleeper. There were still ups and downs. There was a glorious period where you were sleeping over 12 hours and waking up past 8am. It was amazing. Then something switched, and all of a sudden, you were ON STRIKE. Really, your teacher wrote this in lieu of a nap. But there was always a reason: traveling, teething… I think the most recent disruption was possibly due to the fact that you grew over an inch in seven weeks. You’re now over three feet tall!

You cannot wait to grow up. Daddy grown up, Mommy grown up, Milo’s growing. There are many things that only we can do, to which you offer an alternative, “Milo tall?” Close, but not quite. But becoming a grown up is a serious motivator for you. Milo sleep all night. No, Milo do it. And we have to be patient, because there is no stopping you. You’re two now. You’ll get your own seat on the airplaine (at least you and your Snorts got a free ride to Mexico, England, and France).

We love that you already have a sense of humor and a playful imagination. Dinner often ends up in a contagious laughter. I love watching you make up and narrate scenarios with your toys. Most of them are beyond my 2-year-old comprehension, but regularly involve you to the rescue. Yay, Milo did it!

The mind of a 2-year-old is certainly a mystery. Just some of the many events that you randomly bring up: Gene, Huck drive snort. Our visit to San Fran-cis-co, the Golden Gate bridge, Sammy Bear. When Daddy left his wallet in San Francisco. The bowl Nana eats her yogurt in. Everyone’s names — kids and their parents. Robot say Happy Halloween (but who wouldn’t remember a talking robot!). Ong stuck [in car], no hit tree. When Daddy visited you at school in the middle of the day, and you cried saying good bye. Maggie hold Milo. And the biggest headline of the year: the time Mommy was wrong. Heard big thump. Might be neighbors. Daddy upstairs. Mommy wrong. 

There’s so much more I could tell you about. But really, I just want you to know that at two years old, you were already the sweet boy I know you’ll grow up to be. You are incredibly gentle with babies. You try to help sad friends by giving them toys and hugs. You even share your cookie with us. Just the other day, you yelled out, “Milo love Mommy! I love you!” Every night (well, most nights), we go to bed saying we have the best kid ever.


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  1. aimeesoniagreen · · Reply

    What a great post. You’ve described perfectly who Milo is! I’m so glad that he had a great birthday doing all his favorite things with you two!

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