No, Milo Do It.

When I put off doing things (like now), I wonder: is procrastination hereditary? Because our Milo is already developing into quite the staller. He has many tactics:

  • Milo has found the loop holes, the things that trump going to bed, like “oh, hug” or “oh, kiss”.
  • Daddy says. If one of us asks him to do something, he demands to hear it from the other parent for confirmation, sometimes when Daddy is NOT there.
  • I need video of the dramatic gesture when he holds up ONE finger and proclaims, “one book, one cookie, one more song, one last time…”
  • And the routine answer: “No, Milo do it.” He’ll even undo what we just did, do it, and cheer, “Yay, Milo!”

My strategies:

  • Counting to 3. It surprises me that he actually stops what he’s doing on my count, but it works! One friend argued why even give a time limit when you know they’re just going to wait for the last time.
  • Giving him choices which expire. For instance, he can walk up the stairs or I carry him, and if he doesn’t choose right away, we do it. It’s not always fun taking away his freedom, but maybe next time, he’ll learn to choose more quickly.

This independence. We can see him wanting more of it, and we want to be encouraging and patient so that he is a confident toddler. That means we have to ask him before helping with anything. Otherwise, on a delicate day, accidentally peeling the banana or buckling for him could result in tears.

But really, we’re not complaining too much. It’s actually hilarious and the hard part is staying firm and consistent while my charmer works all the angles.

Part of our weakness is that we love hearing him talk! He continues make leaps and bounds with communication. He experiments with conjugations, negations, pronouns, and recently, adverbs. Mommy and Daddy sing both together. Little bit of milk. Milo almost fall. Milo read teddy bear book. Milo share Mommy piece french fry. Our airplane and her backpack.

We’re also fascinated with his memory. Sometimes you can argue it’s the repetition or pictures, but sometimes there’s that random stream of consciousness that surprises us. He remembers the names and faces of our friends and their kids and the people he met in Wales (Lucy’s shovelAustin tunnel). He remembers, ahem, falling off the bike with me in Paris. Mommy fall off bike. Milo fall off bike. Mommy hurt knee. Milo small ouch (which is true! he was barely scratched). Or when Ong was trying to figure out how to go reverse in those new fancy cars and not drive forward into the tree. Uh oh, Ong stuck. No hit tree. One incident that impressed me was while in Corsica, we were star gazing and taught him the word Cassiopeia. The next day, we adults were talking about stars during dinner, and paying no attention to Milo, he chimed in and said ” Cassiopeia!”

Milo is also physically growing. Nearing 3 feet tall, he has grown over an inch in the past two months. It’s no surprise because he has been an eating and sleeping machine. 7am is the new early, but he’ll happily stay in bed til 8am. We actually have to wake him up to get to work on time. My new life luxuries.

These epic 12-13 hour nights do affect his nap at school, which recently he’s pushed out very late or even skipped. His teachers say he does lie down on his mat to rest, but only to do toddler yoga or talk and talk to himself for hours. (Just like his mom! Growing up, all my report cards read, “Annie needs to talk less in school.”). We cheat on the weekends and usually time the nap with the (short) car ride home and can almost always transfer him to his bed.

The comments on his dossier lately are certainly entertaining:

Milo kept saying “I love Milo!” and laughing hysterically at naptime.

Milo loved wearing his socks on his hands, until we got outside and told me his boots were “too hot!” So we put his socks back on and apparently that fixed the problem…

Milo was the last one to finish lunch today and he was hamming it up for <new friend in class>. He just kept laughing and laughing to himself like a madman!

I was reading Gideon + Otto this morning at circle time, and just to be dramatic, I made a really sad face when Otto goes missing. I must have looked pretty convincing because Milo said, “hug!” and rushed to give me the sweetest hug.

My sweet, emphatic boy. When we go into his room in the morning, he picks up all the things in his crib to carry to our bed for some morning playtime and snuggles. One of his favorite things is making people “happy!” He gives us a hug or hon (Vietnamese kiss), and yells “Mommy’s happy! Daddy’s happy! Milo’s happy!”

Family hike

After dinner, the sugar kicks in and off goes Milo.

Chippy and Ben got better video, but you can see how much water there was.


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