21 months: Summer Lovin’

This is a quick post before our epic trip to Europe.

We had been laying low (relatively) and taking advantage of Portland’s awesome summers. We celebrated our birthdays outdoors, won another dragon boat race (woohoo!), visited many construction sites, and took Milo paddling on a canoe. Our little drummer boy has enjoyed several free outdoor concerts in Portland, one at the park just a block from our house.

Milo dancing, almost to the beat

Conducting music with the Portland Symphony

This month Milo had trouble sleeping for a week or two. We’re not sure why, maybe he had the sinus infection that I caught. First he started to wake in the middle of the night, screaming, something he hadn’t done in forever. Once we went in, he’d calm down but didn’t want to be left alone. One night it took him almost two hours to fall fast asleep. One desperate night, we offered our bed. “Try Mommy bed,” he said as he picked up his hippo pillow and blanket. He really did try, but he lay there for an hour, eyes open, watching us, and sometimes whispering random thoughts. Other days he woke at 5:30am. We were certainly out of shape for this sleep pattern, so thankfully, things got back on the normal 8pm-7am schedule naturally (just in time for us to shake it up on our big trip).


No one napped at daycare that day and Milo finally crashed at 4:30pm.

Milo stuns us every day with his words. He repeats anything we say and stores it to recall later. He’s memorized books and verses to songs. At first, we’d let him finish the verse or line, but then one night, he opened up a book of nursery rhymes and flipped through each page, telling us the rhyme: Pat-a-Cake, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Hickory Dickory Dock. He tells us what song to sing at night and knows all the lyrics. He often speaks 4+ word sentences and has conversations with us, or even better, to himself. During that sleepless night where we let him share our bed, he babbled a memorable monologue: “No pick nose. Milo pick nose. Ha ha. Big booger. Big booger out.” We were pretending to be asleep but I could feel Ben shaking the bed with laughter.

Tata’s morning wake up call

This face cracks us up every time

Emphatic yes’ and no’s are hilarious too

I had an intense weekend of tennis. It was sectionals and the winner of the tournament goes to nationals. My team made it to the final round and the score was tied with just one match left: my doubles match. At the time, I didn’t officially know it came down to us, but I had a hunch since there were over 60 people lined up watching, gasping and cheering. It was a battle and we lost in a 3rd set tiebreaker. I was absolutely devastated. Fortunately, Milo was right there to give me a long hug.

Milo picked up my “ready” tennis stance and shows it off to our friends. Note the pause to stop and strum the guitar.

This was the weekend right before our trip, so good timing to focus on something else. Next up: traveling overseas with Mr. Milo!


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  1. wait! is that Liana?! when did her hair get so dark? wow! they are all getting so big!

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