Milostones: 18 months

A year and a half ago, I was planning a dragon boat banquet. Now, I plan for 6pm dinners. Did you know Tuesday nights, kids eat free at Pepino’s? I notice and log all the possible construction sites along our daily route and I’ve been excited for Dozer Days like it’s Christmas. And I know that last Saturday, Milo turned 18-months on National Train Day.

I’d say I’m pretty proud of my new parental knowledge, but honestly, this kid has learned a lot more .


Language: Milo’s vocabulary is growing towards 150 (we’re trying to only count words he actually uses and not repeat after hearing). He became fixated on possession, saying each of our names and pointing to our assigned chair, plate, etc. More recently, he started using two-word sentences, e.g. Mama sit, Dada no (as in “No, Dada doesn’t have a beard”), car broke (we got in an accident, more on this later), more beans, big bite, and Milo Snort (except it sounds like MINA NORT). He’s said a few three word sentences, mainly adding “this”, e.g. “this ball hoop”, “I this broke”, or “this is ball”. It takes some deciphering but we love eavesdropping on the babbling monologue as he experiments with the combinations and sounds. He still can’t pronounce the letters F, L, or R.

A BII(G) DAW(G) caught Milo’s eye.

Food: Mealtimes have become almost completely independent and less (but still!) messy. Milo no longer spills when he drinks from a cup. He prefers to use a spoon and fork, but still will get those fingers dirty if need be. He’s fairly well-mannered but I can tell he enjoys the playful opportunities, like drinking the remaining milk from his cereal out of the bowl or slurping from a soup soon (so pho has been a big hit). There can be successful meals and total failures of meals. He’s not very good at waiting, especially when he’s hungry. Too many times we’ve missed our window at restaurants, waiting for the food to come. The ALL DONE sign is like a big, fat GAME OVER. But at the more casual, over-the-counter joints, Milo eats like a rock star. Supposedly Milo eats vegetables at school — he even “hearts” them — but with us, it’s all carbs, dairy, fruit, and protein if it’s ground up. He’s only drinking one 4-5oz bottle before bedtime, but I guess he does top off at breakfast.

Just the usual post-dinner show

Physical: At almost 27 lbs and 34″, Milo is in the bigger kid range (85th percentile). From my limited experience, he seems pretty coordinated. Though he prefers to hold on to something, he can walk down stairs unassisted. Just like I showed him, he holds his KNEEZ, bending them one at a time.

He’s really into throwing, and the first night we brought home a toddler-sized hoop, he slept with the BA-KET-BALL.

Milo is not quite running but did finish his first race! I nearly melted when he got a ribbon.

Logical: Milo is a little less coordinated with his fingers, but he’s catching on to puzzles. He can match the two halfs of a pictures and put a cut-out puzzle piece in its place.

Working on his coordination by cutting mushrooms. He took his sous-chef role very, very seriously.

Challenges: We’re seeing a lot more strong opinions. The two biggest debates are getting dressed and washing our hands after we eat. Sometimes he absolutely does not want to put his clothes on; I think it’s his realization that we are leaving, as in getting dressed for school, when he doesn’t want to. We’re not sure why he doesn’t like to wash his hands, since he likes playing with water and the sink, but again, my hunch is that it’s something he has to do when he’d rather leave the table and go play. So, we try to make it fun for him, like washing the cups, or give him alternatives, like hopping to the bathroom or jumping into his pants. Sometimes Ben just wrestles him to be done with it, and lo and behold, Milo usually recovers in a minute.

My little guy: Other than that, Milo is a sweet, sweet boy. We often hear, and see when we pick up, how he gives everyone hugs at school. He doesn’t know sharing, but he recognizes when someone wants something, and if it’s theirs, will likely give it back. He says (signs) thank you usually when I ask him to, but often after the fact, as if he’s collecting all the different situations where this sign works. Still, he can stir the pot in his classroom and comes home weekly with battle wounds. We feel bad he gets bitten, but he should learn how to avoid or walk away from those situations (since our sensitive boy usually doesn’t prevail). At least with us, he’s incredibly affectionate and playful.

More pictures and videos:
17 months:
18 months:

Soaking in his surroundings, so to speak

Still a little unsure of the water, but goes back for more anyway.

Hooray for National Train Day!

Celebrating National Train Day with Nana and Grandpa

Milo on a Snort

The highlight of his 18-months: driving a SNORT!


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