Trip to Cabo

Last month we went to Cabo, Mexico for my cousin’s destination wedding. This was Milo’s first time flying international. The long stretch was about four hours and Milo did a lot better than our last flight to Maryland over Christmas. He was still very clingy to me, but this time he took a solid nap (in my arms) and we were able to pass him back and forth across the three (we flew with Chippy) aisle seats. Our go-to entertainment included the iPad, books, and a tennis ball can filled with a random assortment. Still, with customs, rental car, and traffic, it was a long trip, 10 hours door-to-door, for everyone. As we drove along the local, bumpy road from the airport to the hotel, Milo, not fussy, was simply (and signing) ALL DONE. (A side note: As for as family-friendly airlines go, Southwest wins so far. On this Alaska flight, the flight attendants were so loud they woke Milo up. Don’t they know?!).

We stayed at the Cabo Surf Hotel, which is about a half hour from Cabo San Lucas (i.e. spring break locale). This 5-start resort, featuring spa treatments, one (and only one) fancy restaurant, hot tubs and infinity pools, and a practically private beach, is meant for couples and destination weddings–and not for kids. We saw only one other family with a 2-year old staying there. But really, we’re not complaining about this!


Our room was on the first floor, with not the best ocean view but conveniently facing the lawn where the reception would be. It was a little challenging sharing a room with Milo, who often wakes in the morning and falls back to sleep on his own. We ended up putting him in the closet and using the door as a barrier, but he knew we were just on the other side. Tata Chippy and Kimmy also stayed with us in exchange for babysitting, and we took turns doing the early morning duty while the rest attempted to sleep. Clearly, Milo got the better end of the deal:


Hanging out like a local

The weather was perfect for Ben and me: sunny but not too hot. I’ve always loved the ocean. I forgave Milo for waking early because we caught the sunrise, I ran on the beach with my cousins, Ben surfed the last day, and the welcome dinner was beach-side. Milo didn’t swim too much. The ocean was rocky and the pool was shockingly cold, but he did enjoy the bubbles in the hot tub. We were also careful of his baby white skin so he didn’t run around naked as much as he would have liked.


Naked baby!


One thing we discovered was that Milo AND I love Mexican cuisine. My whole life I’ve never understood the difference between a quesadilla or enchilada, nor why anyone liked food so heavy and mushed together. It turns out neither do the Mexicans! The real deal is fresh, light, and tasty. The restaurant at the hotel was worth it: I couldn’t get enough of the fish tacos, machaca (shredded beef), queso fresco (Mexican cheese), and fresh tamales. We ate in town at the open market, feasting on endless, creamy guacamole and spicy salsa, and for dinner one night, we bombed a local restaurant who luckily had enough ceviche to serve all 20 of us.

The one downside to the trip was that both Ben and Chippy were hit with a 30-hour stomach bug. It could have been a virus or simply not agreeing with the local water, but it was brutal. Ben got it the evening before the day of the wedding. After a rough night, he was in bed all day and barely managed to get vertical in time for the afternoon ceremony.

My cousin’s wedding was beautiful. Ceremony on the beach, cocktails at sunset, a festive reception, and if you didn’t know, that side of my family can dance. I didn’t get to appreciate all that they put into it because with Ben sick, I was on duty with Milo who decided to skip his afternoon nap that day. So I missed out on the bridal preparations, caught most of the vows (while trying to entertain a cranky Milo with sand), and dinner was fast. After Milo went to bed, we all took shifts sitting outside our room while the others danced. Exhausted, Ben and I called it a night early, and missed the grande finale of lighting lanterns into the night sky on the beach.


Welcome wedding dinner on the beach

Besides the wedding, the big highlight was the whale watching trip. We almost missed the boat because we were following the tour busdriver who drove like a maniac on the highway and disappeared into the town. But thank goodness we made it! My cousin had reserved a big catamaran (with free breakfast and booze) for an hour and half. About 10 minutes in, we spotted a baby humpback whale breaching, jumping out of the water every few minutes or so. Not long after, the mother surfaced. And it went like this for the next hour! Milo was so excited about the boats — he kept pointing at the other boats also following the whales — waving at the people and singing, “ROW ROW ROW”. Finally, we got him to notice the big, ahem, “fish” and after that, he understood why and joined in on everyone saying, “WOW!”


Milo is at the age where everything is, just, WOW, so it was worth all the trouble (which really, wasn’t that much) to take him on this trip. Here are more pictures on FlickR: Chippy’s and mine. I end with one of Chippy’s great beach shots of my cousins and their boards, and a video she put together which captures a lot of the essence of Cabo.


MaiFebruary from Mai Duong on Vimeo.


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  1. Beautiful pics and so glad the trip worked out great. Sure, you didn’t get to do everything you hoped to do like you’re used to back in the day but man, you did squeeze in a lot. Sorry Ben get so sick. Tell Chippy that I enjoyed her montage video, so talented. Looking great Annie – really radiant even if you don’t feel it on those sleep deprived mornings.

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