Milo’s 1st Birthday Party

Happy in the quiet room.

Milo’s birthday outfit: his Adida’s track jacket to match his parents.

We probably had planned Milo’s first birthday before he was born. But with a few weeks to go, I started to have my doubts whether the Circuit, our local climbing gym, was suitable for Milo and his wobbler friends. Nonetheless, for this momentous occasion, I didn’t want to rent a space that didn’t mean anything to us or have it like any other Family Friday at our house. So we gambled having ~40 adults and toddlers and babies climb all over each other.

We’ve thrown our share of parties but it was a whole new challenge with the ticking time-bomb (a.k.a. nap) and having only one arm available. We had 30 minutes to set up and two hours for the party. It went by fast!

I barely hung out at the party. I spent most of the time making sure things were moving along, tidying up for the quick departure, and keeping a slightly clingy Milo happy. He was a bit overwhelmed with the crowd in the kids’ climbing area and retreated to the empty party room.

I would have loved to labor over a splendid spread, but not in the middle in the night (when else would I have time?). We decided to cater banh mi from Best Baguette and pizza from Hot Lips, and personalize with Benannie’s cookies for dessert.

But everything went great and pretty much according to plan. Kids happily climbed and wobblers were carried up and over to go down the slide. We video-chatted with the extended family so they could be “at” the party. Milo was a little shy about the birthday song but did try his first real sweet. Aimee won the trivia contest with 7/11 correct answers (for the record, Ben’s mom scored 8). And though it took awhile, Milo eventually picked his future profession–see the video below to find out. I think the only thing we forgot was to serve the whole milk to go with the cookies, and maybe change Milo’s diaper :p

Of course we couldn’t have it done on our two hands combined without the help of Tata Chippy, who somehow managed to capture the whole party on her camera. Here are some of my favorite moments but you should look at all the photos here.

Hug for Daddy

The birthday attention was a little too much.

Still deliberating

A Vietnamese tradition, Milo says its too early to choose his career.

School photo

Milo’s friends at school

Group photo!

The birthday crew. Milo’s thinking, “Geez mom, you’re embarrassing me.”


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