Milo’s Secrets

At Milo’s one year check-up, we learned a few things:

Milo is 31.5 in (91st percentile) and 22 lbs (47th percentile) and can talk. Um, say what?!

I told Dr. Meyer that as far as we could tell, he wasn’t saying real words. His latest babble was “scopey scopey scopey” and “gobba gobba gobba”. She held out a paper cup and as he reached for it, she didn’t hand it over but asked him to say “cup”. At first he whined and fussed, but then he got quiet and watched her mouth as she made the “p” sound repeatedly. All ears and eyes were on him. Nothing. Then he got over the cup.

She went on to say this was how to get him to try new words, to push him a little (but not til he’s truly upset). As she was in the middle of explaining that when he’s quiet it means he’s processing, very softly I heard the word “cup”. He said it! Ben missed it, so we asked him to say it again, and he whispered “cup”. SO CUTE. After that, everything in the room was CUP.

Ben’s parents were very excited to be visiting during this breakthrough. His next word and crowd favorite is CAR, which he says very matter-of-factly with a New England accent. Other words he repeats are BLOCK, QUACK, BAA, BALL, and maybe THANK YOU (once). Now I’ve realized he’s been saying DA for Daddy, so officially Ben wins first word. MUM MUM seems to mean me, food, or “I need something”. Go figure.

Milo clearly understands more than he can say. I was talking about my new running shoes and he pointed to his feet (he LOVES putting on and wearing his Robeez shoes). The mention of a book and he heads for the shelf. When Nana asks him to dance, he jiggles his body. Grandpa commented he’s surprisingly obedient for a baby. We don’t have many rules, but he stays off the fireplace hearth, turns around to go down things, and drops his food (ok, on the floor) as soon as he leaves the table area.

Milo’s body language is developing too. His latest sign is MORE, for more pretzels, of course. He still tends to sign during the action and not before, though once he clearly signed MILK to Chippy, and she immediately rewarded him with the bottle. (Ah the bottle…I’ll get into our slow weaning process another time.) He still reaches more than points, but he hands me things, like to open a jar or pretend-talk on my cellphone (he and Ben find my conversations amusing). And as of two days ago, he loves waving good-bye as he leaves the kitchen.

It really is amazing watching him absorb and experiment. Milo’s coordination also seems to be booming. Last night he lifted his arms and pulled his shirt off (I helped to get it over his head). This morning he helped me get him dressed, alternating arms and legs. And we love that he’s got some climbing moves built-in:

Grandpa did notice that Milo is cautious. We let him climb onto the couch (and it’s impressive he can mantle over that high) but not over, and often this restriction frustrates him. However Grandpa didn’t know about this rule, and on his watch, Milo went over, turned around, and slowly and eventually, his feet touched the ground. We’re glad he didn’t try to go head first, but what’s more interesting is that now that he’s done it once, he hasn’t since. We think he realized that’s a farther reach than he’s interested in. Of course now the latest game is to jump on the couch and flop backwards.

The next exciting development that goes with talking is…walking! Or rumor has it. Again he saved his debut for someone else. On Monday morning, Chippy and I saw him step towards the remote control only to finish off with a zoom crawl. Apparently that afternoon at daycare, with his knees closer together than his usual stance, he took multiple steps (5 at most) to his teacher Mary. We found out the next morning and still have only witnessed two steps to us. So, no video to seal the deal yet, but hopefully soon! I’ve always thought he should be able to walk: he is so stable on his two feet, literally runs with the chair, and has taken single steps many times over the past few weeks. But it’s that last boost of confidence that our cautious and super-efficient crawler needs. Whenever you want to let us in on your secrets, my little guy, we’re ready!

Month 12 Pictures


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