Milostones: One year and so much to learn

I started the One Year post a few weeks ago and already it’s old news. I can’t keep up with our nonstop and ever-changing boy! I’ll try to recap the last few months and then dive into the latest exciting bits in the next post.

The theme has been LEARNING. Every day Milo picks up something new. If only our parenting skills were as sharp. Here is my mommy-brained attempt to remember all the changes from the 9-month check-up leading up to the Big One.

It became clear Milo was imitating us. He clapped and stuck out his tongue when we would. For awhile, he would try to wave with one hand but would end up clapping. He was also a lot more interactive. He started playing peek-a-boo behind the couch, giving high fives, and handing the ball when we asked (only to take it right back after realizing what that meant). There’s this Vietnamese game “cuc dau” where you gently tap heads and Milo affectionately plays it with anyone (though the babies at school don’t quite get why he’s bonking heads…). As soon as we get home, he goes straight to the dining room to look for Tata Chippy, his favorite playmate. They play “where’s Milo?” behind the curtains and chase around the house. And the other day, we realized how much we’re on our laptops in order for Milo to pick up “typing”:

We didn’t notice obvious words (okay, maybe DADA) but he developed quite the voice. He constantly babbles and tries out different consonants and sounds. A hilarious one is the “walkie talkie”, a scratchy “A” sound that the kids in daycare yell across the room to each other. His teachers also use sign language, and slowly Milo’s signs became more noticeable: MILK, ALL DONE.

We feared we’d have one of those kids and it’s true: Milo is on the move. All.The.Time. He is an expert crawler, trained in several techniques. There’s the speed crawl, with perfect, classic form, and it’s damn fast. The crawl on all fours with legs straight, useful for rough surfaces. And the crowd favorite: the Gollum. Bathtime

It’s been fascinating to watch the progress of his agility and coordination. From maneuvering around the dining room table and chairs to climbing up and over anything (like slides) to getting to the free-standing position on his own by rocking upwards to doing squats. Now that he’s figured out how to go down backwards, I wonder if any parent has invested in a stairmaster for kids.

Milo seemed very close to walking, but then again, it was that way with crawling (and it took him awhile to realize the superman pose wasn’t working). He stands unassisted for a very long time, while doing things, like drink from the bottle, bang toys, raise his hands, or clap out of pure joy. When he’s tired or gets off balance, he squats back down with ease. He uses the chair to do laps around the house, and got the cute idea from his friends at daycare to store things on it like a shopping cart.

Sleep continues to be a challenge. He slept 7-7 for the first time back in August, but then we left for a two week vacation back east. After we got back, we had to break the bad sleeping habits. This was around 9 months: one weekend we decided no more night feeds. We anticipated the worst, but it was one of our best decisions. Ben was able go in rock and him back to sleep within minutes. After that, it was a complete role reversal — only Ben could put him down — and Milo slept much better: about 11 hours and waking up at 6am. It was amazing.

Note: I say was. It didn’t last. There was the cold from daycare (though, knock on wood, his only real sickness ever). All the teething — the boy now has seven! At one point we were sure he was about to walk because his legs were literally running in place while he was face-down, crying and exhausted. Some mornings he’s simply ready to start at 5am, but then crashes at 8am, just when we need to leave for school. Around 11 months, he started shifting things earlier, waking around 4am, and we got in the bad habit of my feeding him back to sleep. We spent a few nights breaking that feed, and that paid off. He went back to waking up at 6am and not getting fed first thing in the morning. He still fights the internal 4am/5am wake-up calls, and sometimes we cave and wait a long time for coffee shops to open.

I think that was about the last few months up to a year. Since his first birthday (another post I owe), already so much has changed! Next post… Meanwhile, here are pictures and a fun bathtime video:

Month 9
Month 10
Month 11


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