Milostones: Seven months and Smiling

Again the 11th rolls by and I can’t believe Milo is one month older. Some highlights the past few weeks:

  • My Milo and me days are over. It was my first month back at work and Milo’s at daycare. I’ll write a separate post on this but in general, Milo has adjusted pretty seamlessly. (I, however, had a few tears and tears.)
  • Milo caught his first cold from daycare. Despite the cough waking him in the night, he was unfazed. We were more bothered with his nose being completely plugged. We also consider ourselves lucky that he didn’t catch the hand-foot-mouth disease going around in the room next door.
  • His sleep pattern continues to be random. A good day: two solid naps and sleeping 12 hours with one feed in the middle. BUT there is always something. The cold, a new tooth, a growth spurt. Milo does not handle teething well and his second one broke through during the night.
  • Milo is probably around 19 lbs and tall, so it’s time for a new carseat.
  • Our silent observer is starting to babble. It’s funny to hear him experiment with the sounds – sometimes it’s a shriek or a silent yell – but now you can actually hear him chat.
  • Milo is getting more coordinated. He plays with objects in both hands, passes them from one to other, and reaches for things. His favorite toy at daycare is this orange silicone pothandle cover, so we had to get one of our own. If anything will motivate him to crawl, it will be this.
  • He is not crawling yet, but he is trying. He ends up pushing himself backward, lifting his back leg and rolling over or breakdancing. He now understands to direct his body by pivoting, and several times has almost rolled off the bed.
  • As we incorporate more solids, Milo is developing a palate. He still digs the fruit — but not if it’s sour (though he makes the *best* face). We mix in yogurt and Laughing Cow cheese. He’s not a fan of spinach or peas (but really, who would be?) so we add carrots. We’re still making our own food and excited to try out the veggies our first CSA pick-up will offer this week.
  • Things that make his face light up: singing, peek-a-boo, and watching us run (really!)
  • He’s a ham for the camera, so here are photos of our little guy. (All his pictures are on FlickR, and one day I’ll separate these into months.)
Meals at the high chair

Milo now eats at the table in his highchair. He likes to bang the table and grab the spoon. Fun!

My cutie

Milo and family

Ben’s brother Mark and his wife Rachel visited over Memorial Day weekend, and Mark shared stories of when Ben was that small.

Latest sleeping position

Milo’s latest sleeping position. Note he started head first at the bottom edge of the crib.


Me and Milo



  1. Love the videos! Especially break dancing – amazing leg moves!

  2. nicole · · Reply

    So excited to meet Milo. Milo is keeping busy with all these new milestones and definitely keeping busy being so darn cute…love that last picture of you two.

  3. Andrea · · Reply

    He is so fun! That is awesome that he likes so many different foods. He needs to influence JP in that department. šŸ™‚

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