Milostones: Four Months, a Happy Baby

Milo is four months old! Look at my little old man growing up so fast.

Oh, Hi.

I start with some of Milo’s fun accomplishments in his first quarter of a year of life.

Total weight gain since birth: 10 lbs. At 15 lbs 14 oz, he’s in the 71st percentile for weight.
Inches grown: 6.5. At 26.5″, he’s in the 93rd percentile for height!
Hair color: Blond. Eye color: Still blue! (Hey, this is an accomplishment for a half-Asian baby)
Highest elevation, in feet: 930 (Photo proof at the top of Pittock Mansion)
Longest sleep stretch, in hours: 8. Number of times: Once 😦
Number of times rolled from tummy to back: 4
Longest stretch without going #2, in days: 4
Number of different bottles we’ve bought: 7
Typical distance from house in stroller before he falls asleep, yes, in feet: 75
Number of times he’s fallen asleep in Mommy’s arms: about 120. Dad’s arms? about 0.
Number of dragon boat practices attended: 1 (it was a land one)

Now, on to the daily life of Milo:

Milo’s typical morning starts around 7:30-8:30am. I love it when he wakes up with smiles for us and the ceiling. After a feed and change, we go downstairs and tour the house before I set him down in the bouncy seat to watch me eat breakfast. Mommy’s “nom, nom, nom” faces make him laugh and I get to eat! (Later I’ll teach him it’s rude to chew with your mouth open.) Then we move to the playmat for some some back time, tummy time, and sitting. He is now purposely grabbing and holding onto objects for a few minutes. He observes his hands but hasn’t quite found his feet. On tummy, he’ll have a good time, laughing at me, for a few minutes, but then becomes frustrated at his immobility. Patience, my little one!

Reading time

We work on the sitting position more by reading in our laps.

After about 45 minutes to an hour, he gets sleepy and I calm him down by walking around the house or via swing. The morning nap is easier to put him down in the bouncy seat and let him fall asleep on his own. On days when I thankfully sleep in, he joins Ben and Chippy on their coffee run, a shoe-in method to get him to fall asleep.

The day activities vary but almost always involve getting out of the house, for both of us since my house tours and monologues get old pretty fast. He’s awesome to take places because he loves the carseat and new surroundings. I like meeting up with people for lunch, though Milo, who is very alert, is getting more and more difficult to nurse in public. We’re trying out some local activities, like “Mommy and me” meet-ups and “Book Babies” at the library. I’m not really one for groups but I can see how valuable it is for Milo to look at new faces and places. He just can’t get enough!

Out for a walk

Our latest walk with him facing out was probably the best day of his life.

When I play tennis, either Chippy kindly watches him or he goes to day care at the club. It’s a pretty great set up both ways; I just have to reserve in advance since the club only takes so many infants (understandably!). Of course he’s an angel at day care; they said he just watches the babies cry and eventually falls asleep. And at my matches, Milo is ever popular with the ladies whose grandma clocks are ticking. One wanted to send a photo of Milo to her son to tell him to get going.

(Warning, this section is TMI.) His bowel movements have shifted to every two to three days. This makes us endlessly nervous. Two things that make him go and guarantee blow-outs: the Bumbo seat (ain’t anywhere to go but up) and his frog onesie which is no longer presentable and now reserved in anticipation for these occasions. Fun times!

The afternoon nap is the challenging one. It basically doesn’t exist and I take whatever I can, 15-20 minutes in the carseat, bouncy seat, swing, or in my arms. He wants to sleep and gets fussy about being overly tired. I hope once we start sleep training, he’ll get better at doing this on his own.

When Ben comes home, Milo cracks the biggest smile (and so do I, since I start to run out of steam by this point and it’s my naptime).

My boys

When Ben takes over, it’s often full of laughs and giggles. I should be slightly annoyed but it’s just so sweet to watch:

We aim for Milo’s bedtime to be 8pm, but there’s a generous window. Ideally we’d like him to join us for dinner but it doesn’t always happen. More likely one of us eats while the other entertains and Chippy is left alone to finish off her plate (and clean up, thanks!). It seems like the days where we go out, like to a restaurant or the climbing gym, he sleeps better but gets to bed later.

Milo cranks up the charm when it’s time for bed. He has SO much to say that it’s often hard to switch to calm mode when he giggles like this:

Sleep wise, we’re still playing roulette, hoping to land on a night with a good first stretch. After the first feeding, the rest of the night switches back to 2-3 hrs, or sometimes painfully 1-2 hrs. He sleeps cumulatively 10-11 hrs, so if he does a long stretch of say six, I only have to get up once or twice. We admit we’re too successful at nursing him to sleep — it takes minutes! — to change it. But, we went to the doctor today and tonight we start sleep training. First step: no swaddle! So far it seems to be working (at least, not failing) since I actually had time to write this blog. But he’s not the only one who needs some sleep training. It’s past my bedtime, so I end with two photos (and the link to all of his photos):


My version of Mommy and Me

Cute smile!

My tubster



  1. Such a cutie Annie. Good Luck with the sleep training. We tried starting it a little bit last week and did not go well. I bet you love the neighborhood even more *if that was even possible* when you want to get out of the house with Milo.

  2. Great pictures, he’s definitely a cutie pie. As Nicole mentioned our forays into sleep training the twins have been… not so good. But we had an easier time with Lily (or the badness has been erased from my memory), so there’s hope. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  3. Great post! Giggles truly are the best – they are (at least temporarily!) a relief for sleep-deprived parents.

  4. Good luck with sleep training! We did not give up the swaddle until much later (11+ months) with both of our kids. But I have heard a lot of advice that it’s not needed once you’re past this age – whatever works for you!

  5. Yeah, sleep is the ever-elusive fairy tale with babies (toddlers and pre-schoolers too, I hate to break it to you)! I hope you get some consistent shut-eye soon. As I type this, the girls have both successfully skipped their naps today (but are happily playing together) and JP has finally gone down for an afternoon nap (amazingly as usually there is too much noise for him to sleep at the house when the girls are awake!). JP slept through last night, but not for several before. Magdalena also slept through, but Lucia woke up once with a nightmare. Obviously the opportunities for Mommies to get up in the middle of the night triple (more than that?) with three kids…

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