No Helmet!

Last week we went to another volunteer physical therapy (PT) session at the children’s hospital. Everyone immediately noticed several changes in Milo’s behavior. He was more alert and aware of his surroundings. His head control was noticeably stable, and he turned — in both directions! – to look at all the new faces. We were pretty confident coming in that Milo had made excellent progress on turning his head left, but the great news was that he won’t be needing a helmet! A craniofacial RN said his head asymmetry was mild and wasn’t concerned considering the obvious improvements in just one month. The head PT spent most of the hour showing us (and the students) really interesting things to observe in Milo’s latest abilities. The rest of this post is a bunch of videos which I thought would be interesting for folks to see what the PT sessions are like:

Here the PT puts Milo in the walking position. His stance is still clearly wobbly, but by helping him shift his weight, Milo instantly moves a leg forward.

Here he demonstrates how to encourage the crawling position. It was fascinating to see with just a little help to lift the weight to the back, Milo naturally tucked his knees underneath.

I can tell Milo already wants to get moving because though he’s fine on tummy time, he’s bored.

As usual, Milo is such a trooper, a ham for the crowd. But he did get a little physically tired and calmed himself by sucking on his fingers.



  1. That’s really cool, especially with the natural instinct to bring the knee underneath at this age already. I recognize the voice behind the camera. 🙂 Can’t help but assume the moment Milo starts to move, he’ll be fast like his parents.

  2. ms mary · · Reply

    Yummy fingers!

  3. Wow – I’m totally impressed with his movement! JP did roll once (another post I’m late on) but hasn’t again. I feel like my kids are always too big to be able to move much really young, but Milo is pretty big too! Okay, more tummy time is on order for JP…!

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