Milostones: Rolls, rolls, rolls

We had an exciting morning over here in Milo-land, and by rolls I’m not referring to Milo’s pudgy legs. I was on my way to tennis when Chippy put Milo on his tummy (as per mommy’s instructions). We recognized instantly what he was about to do: roll over! It happened so quickly. We weren’t sure if it was a fluke, so we put him on his tummy again. I ran over to get the video camera and caught a flip at the last second. His surprised look to see Chippy is pretty cute.


Then we tried AGAIN — and now I was really getting late for tennis — and sure enough, he seemed to figure it out.


After that, he was pretty tired. Poor Ben was in a phone meeting and missed it all, and now I know our child is much more important (and interesting, for that matter) than work. The next tummy time session, Milo tried to roll in the other direction but hasn’t quite gotten it yet. Soon, we think!



  1. WOW, so awesome!! Glad you caught it on video. (Annie, now you can relate to why those women often show up late to tennis! šŸ˜‰

  2. Whoa, bi-directional rolling? That would be a true physical feat. But he is the child of two athletes. I’m not sure my kids can roll BOTH WAYS. Even now.

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