Milostones: Happy Three Months!

Milo is three months old today. Here’s a video from the morning to start off:

Milo is sleeping a lot better these days. He regularly sleeps 5-6 hrs the first stretch, followed by 3-4 hrs and maybe another hour or two top it off. I know this isn’t like other babies who are already sleeping through the night, but I’ll take what I can get. At least the nighttime feeds are fast, a quick 5-10min. snack and no fuss when I immediately put him back down. And the first stretch is gradually increasing: last week he went a record 6 1/2 hrs. C’mon 7!

Of course I’m excluding the growth spurt nights. This last one at 12 weeks was routine but still exhausting for all of us. Poor Milo was grumpy and uncomfortable, but that’s because he is growing! I hear more and more how big my baby is, who is now over 14 lbs. He’s getting longer and longer, fast. I’m starting to retire, again reluctantly, the 3 month-old clothing and hopefully the next size, 3-6 months, will last longer.

It’s still not the easiest to get him to bed. He is going through a phase where only I can rock him to sleep. Sometimes I can put him down in minutes; other times he wakes up after 30 min. and needs to be soothed again. We aren’t successful at getting him to bed before 10pm. Partly due to our poor timing with evening activities and dinner; plus, it seems like the more he sleeps through the night, the less he naps during the day.

Just as I was getting the E.A.S.Y method down, he’s now alert for hours at a time and forgoes the sleep. He catches a break with 15 min. catnaps — now in the bouncy seat since the swing seems to have lost its touch — then suddenly wakes up, ready to go. The only way to get him to really camp out is in the carseat. At least it forces me to take him for walks outside and gives us a relaxing time to go out to eat or climb.

But Milo is super fun when he’s wired. He doesn’t care much for toys or rattle sounds, but is VERY interested in faces. I can regularly get him to focus on me by sticking out my tongue. I get smiles when we play hide n’ seek (I’m really just going behind the bouncy seat). And he LOVES watching himself in the mirror. It’s a great 15 min. game for both of us 🙂 Yesterday, I read him baby books, the ones featuring real babies, and for the first time he excitedly followed their faces as I turned the pages. After a dozen times rereading, it was me who got tired.

Just two days ago, Milo found a new sound and won’t stop talking. Usually it means he wants something, but because he’s excited about this new discovery, it’ll distract him long enough before he gets upset. The sounds crack me up. I have too many on video, so I have to share at least one.

A lot of people ask me what Milo looks like. Apparently it’s hard to show in pictures that that he has hair. He doesn’t have a lot, but there is a sandy-brown mixed with blond colored fuzz on top. His eyes are still a beautiful blue with soft, curly eyelashes (not mine!) and his skin fair and rosy. So yes, he doesn’t look Asian. :p But he definitely has my Tweety Bird mouth.

Another interesting thing to note is his head shape. Since he was born, he’s preferred turning his head to the right (my guess is that’s how he was in the womb for the last six months). You can see in the pictures how his head is always tilted and therefore lying on one side. The right side of his head was becoming flat and the back pointy. At his two-month check-up, our pediatrician said to watch out for torticollis, which means twisted neck and can cause plagiocephaly, asymmetrical head shape. If it gets worse, it can lead to wearing a neck collar or a helmet. So we started to put him on “ramps” (layered blankets) when lying down, feed from the left side, and did more tummy time and tracking objects to work out those neck muscles.

Coincidentally, a few weeks later Milo and I volunteered ourselves for a friend’s work, who is a PT at a children’s hospital. She was looking for healthy babies to observe their movements. The session actually turned out more useful for Milo than we expected. The head PT who led the discussion immediately noticed Milo’s tendency to look right. He was cautious in asking if it was alright to diagnose with the audience, but I was very eager to learn more about why he thought Milo’s symptoms of torticollis were more pronounced. The PT checked Milo’s eye reactions, motor control and reflexes, and neck muscles and strength to see if there were any developmental issues. Fortunately, it looks like it’s really just a preference (as we already knew) and at this point, the only impact is cosmetic. If it comes to fixing his head shape or tilt, it’s a personal preference. I laughed when the doctor said while having a head tilt makes him look socially interested, it might limit Milo’s aspirations to be a dancer.

He gave us some tips on how to get Milo to look left, many of which we were doing already. Our favorite new one is tilting him when held upright, to the point where he gets tired holding his head to the right and falls over to the dark side. So far it seems to be improving a lot: with the ramp we set up, he now sleeps on the left and on the playmat, he looks straight up at his mirror. The point is less pronounced but it’s definitely not round.

It was fascinating to have them observe Milo’s movements. He’s rocking tummy time at this stage, able to hold his chest up high for long periods and look around, holds his neck pretty steady when upright, and his legs and arms are incredibly active (yup, knew that one too). Milo was very cute and charming during this hour session (I swear, he hams it up for the crowd!) and they were so thankful for our volunteering. They offered to follow up on his development, so of course I jumped at the opportunity to have more (free!) PT on his possible torticollis. We go back early March where they’ll invite a craniofacial nurse for a second opinion on whether our kid needs to look like he’s training for the winter Olympics in July. Besides being itchy and smelly, helmets attract many questions from strangers, so we’re coming up with ideas for good answers.

And there’s the life of our little boy at this point. Here are some pics, a lot more plus videos on Flickr (use this guest link since I make his pictures private).

Doggie hat

He has three of these knit hats from Ben's coworker that I don't want him to grow out of.

Couch potato

Trying the upright position on the couch.



  1. Such a cutie, can’t say it enough! I’m guessing you saw 1/2 pint up at OHSU, very cool. I was never able to do it with Lil’. Good job sleeping longer and easier and more consistently at night for mommy and daddy Milo – keep it up. Hopefully we’ll get there soon too.

  2. He is so cute! Can’t wait to get the babes together. You guys are such awesome parents, I love the videos. And you’re right, this child really doesn’t look Asian… 🙂

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