Name that Movie

I really am writing a blog post but thought I’d stall some time with my “movie” post. Sometimes we have fun playing dress up with our lil’ guy whose expressions help play the part. So step right up folks and play “Name that Movie!”

Dressed for the part

OK this first one is a gimmie, but it was purely coincidental!

1. Hint: He's Eddie Murphy's sidekick.

Day 21: Pinky and the Brain

2. "Same thing we do every day."


3. Hint: His jammie

Prison Outfit

4. Hint: ball & chain (and this could have multiple answers)

Let's be real: swaddle + pacifier = #5

6. Wilson, we have fire!


7. Hint: Blue Steel (Magnum hasn't been discovered yet)

As usual, here’s the guest pass link to more photos on FlickR.


One comment

  1. OK, fun with the movies…..but the big point here is that the kid has the most awesome wardrobe I’ve ever seen. Will he grow up to be the next Gucci, Pucci or Calvin Klein?

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