Woot, woot!

Sorry about the blog hiatus. Since I stopped worked a week ago, I’ve been on the laptop much less, partly just to be liberated from it and also for my back (bed rest is not ergonomic).

But it’s not too late to share great news! I’m past 36 weeks, over 8 months, and as my doctor says each visit now, “Woot! Woot!” We are officially in the clear, that is, having the baby now is no longer considered early. I can go about and do things, now that I know my body better and when to rest or drink more water. This’ll be great for my back and all those huge knots I’ve developed in the past month from being horizontal.

This also means we can deliver at our hospital of choice, which is less than five blocks away. So convenient that we had even timed it walking en route to the baby class: it’s just about the rest time in between labor contractions. Hmm… 🙂

I’m happy to be more “active”, but I am missing the earlier comfortable days. If I stand too long, I either contract or have a sharp pain in the right side of my back, so I lay down pretty often. My belly seems to be growing up: in the belly pic, you can see the ledge which is his butt. If it is as big as my belly profile indicates, he could have only gotten that from me. There isn’t a lot of pressure down low as I expected towards this final month, but I feel very stretched out and my abs often quite tender. I also caught the cold that has been going around and am still recovering after a week of soup, tissues, and more lying down.

Maybe the discomfort is from the extra weight, which I’ve done a good job at gaining in the past month. I was worried I was putting it on fast and the Martian would be huge, but doctor says it’s good since my total gain is only 14 lbs. It’s all this cooking! If you don’t follow Chippy’s phone updates, my escape has been cooking up a storm: beef stroganoff, kale & chanterelle quiche, cha ca (fried fish with turmeric and dill), eggplant parmigianno, thit bo xao khoai tay (sauteed beef with french fries), and last night, a roast chicken.

We’re slowly setting up the baby room. Admittedly mostly my doing, it kind of turned into a bigger project of fixing up all the rooms we hadn’t touched since we moved in. Now Ben has a beautiful new office joined with the library downstairs, I finally own a dresser (an antique Japanese piece I found on Craigslist), lots of stuff is labeled in shoeboxes, and lots more stuff is headed to Goodwill. Our ongoing quest for a dresser for the baby room is pretty ridiculous yet typical of us: we start off saying we’ll go cheap, then we’re indecisive, and after lots of circular discussions, we switch gears towards a custom piece that’ll take a few months to build and we’re wishing we started earlier. Maybe we should focus on getting diaper wipes and a changing pad. But thanks to Ben and Chippy, the room is painted and has a crib.

Despite the different me, I am enjoying this time off, to relax, hang out, with no real schedule. Chippy organized a fun baby shower (with games, of course), Halloween with our friends and their kids was certainly a treat, we took a trip to the coast for a friend’s birthday, I love spontaneous (we don’t plan very far nowadays) game nights and ladies’ nights, and I can’t wait for the next Sunday NYT crossword. Hoping the Martian hangs out a little longer.

Better version of the 35 weeks

35 weeks, with company! (I'm borrowing Nat's photo which shows the profiles better)


35 weeks, at Manzanita, OR

At Manzanita, OR. Ben did not stick out his belly enough.

36 weeks

36 weeks. See the ledge?



  1. Fantastic news!! Love all the photos, and I definitely see the ledge at the top. What a story it would be if Martian decided to hang out until after your due date. NOT that I’m hoping that, though!!

  2. Yay! I’m so glad the Martian is staying in! Though it is very uncomfortable (and I KNOW what I’m talking about!), it is definitely better for him to stay in and gain that last few pounds – will be better ultimately for you too, as you won’t have to worry so much when they lose the inevitable 10% of body weight after birth. So excited for you guys!

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