The third trimester

Six and half months! I like saying it, but not really sure why. It sounds impressive, but is it? It means the baby is coming right around the corner. Can you believe I’m in the third trimester? If only it meant that there was summer vacation at the end to look forward to.

Since my last post (two months ago, yikes!), obviously a lot has changed:

  • I stopped running at about 5 months. The repetitive pressure from my abs made everything feel so tight, and trying to run without using your abs is pretty silly looking. But fortunately I’ve been able to keep up competitive tennis and paddling, since those are more stop-and-go.
  • Once in awhile, maybe after I’ve been sitting, my right leg freezes up as I try to walk. It usually only lasts for no more than a minute but in the moment, it feels very swollen and almost like it’s emitting heat.
  • Ok time to admit it: my memory is worse. Ben has won too many recent debates of where things are. I honestly never thought to check MY jeans pocket. His score is doubling while I’ve been at infinity…up until now.
  • This martian is from a different planet, or at least a different time zone. He usually stirs late in the evening, after dinner, and consistently kicks and squirms in the middle of the night. I wake up to these jolts and try a lot of shifting around. In return, I try to wake him up in the middle of the day. Maybe we shouldn’t start this war :p
  • Contractions? I’m not sure if these are exactly them but my belly does get uncomfortably super firm and sticks out in weird, bulgy ways.
  • For most of the second trimester, my weight remained constant (9-10 lbs gained). Now that the baby is growing fast, I’m starting to see an increase (a pound in the past two weeks). I’m still hoping for a small baby, or at least a small head.

In general, I’ve been feeling great and am very thankful to have such an easy pregnancy so far, though I’d certainly trade that for an easy labor and healthy baby. Sometimes I have that fear, realization, that something could go wrong. But it’s a fleeting moment because I know it’s not worth stressing about something I can’t control.

Honestly, the hardest part lately is having my identity solely tied to my pregnancy. Some people really enjoy being pregnant; one of my friends even said it was like a love affair. I wonder if I haven’t fully appreciated being pregnant. I do feel an affectionate connection with my martian and probably hold him more than I realize, but is it bad that it’s not the only thing I think about? We’ve been enjoying all our summer fun, and it still feels like there’s more going on our life than whether I look bigger (which is the first thing anyone says when they see me) or if we’ve set up the baby room.

We are definitely excited. Nervous. Mellow. Wowed that this all happening. But we’re simply not the kind of people to build up the emotion this early. Maybe because sometimes all we can do is live week to week. Things will slow down very soon and I’m actually looking forward to enjoying the last few months. I’m stoked to meet this martian. What does he look like? I love watching Ben with kids, though he has a few diaper years to get through before they’re cute toddlers. And I can’t wait for the martian to meet all his family – you guys!

This weekend we’re going to San Francisco for our last dragon boat race. After that, the baby season officially starts. Baby classes, no more flying, daycare waitlists, setting up the room, picking a name (ok, let’s be honest: that’ll never happen until the big day). Lots to do! They say the last few months feel like forever and maybe that’s not such a bad thing for us.

Week 28

Week 28

Week 28

Week 28

All pregnancy pix on FlickR.



  1. Those sound like contractions to me! It’s totally normal to have them now, I think I had them for the whole third trimester!

    Please do NOT feel bad for thinking about something other than the coming baby. There will be time enough for giving him all of your time and attention…:)

  2. I agree – braxton hicks contractions! Your one line, “it’s not worth stressing about something I can’t control.” is a very wise way to look at it all – you’re doing everything just right. We all can’t wait to meet Marvin, too!

  3. You look great! I’m so excited to meet Marvin, and don’t worry too much about how big he gets. Just think – the faster he gets to 10 lbs, the sooner he’ll sleep through the night. 🙂

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