2011 Resolutions

My 2011 Resolutions, late but only a little if you’re starting from the Lunar New Year (wink).

  • Read. It’s really embarrassing how little I do of this. I’m not sitting around doing nothing, but I need to make more time for reading specifically. First up will be John Irving’s most recent novel, Last Night in Twisted River. Gotta love a good story teller and writer in one.
  • Use up all my gift certificates. So this isn’t really self-fulfulling, but I just want to be clean free of all these obligations; otherwise I’m falling into the trap of “free” stuff! This weekend I used a Groupon (that expires tomorrow), a gift card I won from a FitRight run last summer, and a restaurant.com certificate I bought last May. But I admit it was kind of fun shopping… aaah this is how they get ya!
  • Reach out to others. I grew up cushy and protected. I’m happy to click a button and donate to charity, but I’m scared to approach the homeless. My first small step has been buying an extra something at the grocery store to give on my way out. Recently, I felt disappointed to not be able to list much involvement in any charity or community activities, unless there’s a self-purpose. A friend suggested having our dragon boat team race for a cause. That’s getting me thinking…
  • Be confident. I can’t count how many times so many different people have told me about my tennis, “You’ve got the strokes and game, just need to believe.” So this is the year: I will get a forehand. Also be confident in my new job. Not sure if I mentioned this but I’m entering the realm of management and it’s a little scary, to say the least.
  • And finally…dare I jinx it? Win a tennis tournament. Oh the Glory.

I did pretty well with my 2010 resolutions, so staying positive about this year!


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