Sleepy time

It’s 5am and I’ve been up for sometime. I’m hoping I can bore myself to sleep by writing, so forgive me if this post is a stream of consciousness.

Up until recently, I’ve never had insomnia. True, I used to sleep very little, like 4 hrs, and many may remember that about me. It may have been leftover from bad habits in college (I can’t ever remember getting a full night’s rest). My parents don’t seem to sleep much either. But never did I lie awake at night. And when I started running I found I needed more sleep.

Now, strong correlation and repeated studies have found that tennis is too much fun that it’s keeping me up. I think about my match earlier in the night, replay points, listen to tips and imagine–dream–of an amazing forehand, or just the next time I’ll get to play. It’s pretty insane.

A friend said it’s healthy that I’m obsessing about tennis, and say, not work (like she is). I never thought about it that way. It has been awhile since I’ve been this passionate about something. Sometimes climbing excites me. I’ll come home from a usual night session at the gym and picture myself sending the hard problem I was working on. Or I’ll get really motivated to run all of a sudden, usually when a race is near. But this is a whole new level of fun and it is exciting, only the insomnia cannot be healthy.

Either I need to cut back on tennis–it really may not be a bad idea–or I need to figure out a way to mellow out before bed. I’ve heard warm milk helps. Chamomile tea. Exercise…yeah, no. Or doing crosswords to fall back asleep, though I tried that and got all excited about how I was about to finish one. Today was blogging, and it is admittedly challenging to really think clearly. Maybe I’ll try reading next. Any other tips out there?



  1. You can probably predict my answer: have a baby. Never again will you have a problem sleeping (when given the opportunity, of course) 🙂

  2. I have this same problem after evening tennis games. Of course I am not dealing with the same level of obsession – and I don’t have the problem after, say, a rousing night of backgammon . . . but maybe tennis is just too stimulating for the late evening. Maybe try playing in the morning??? Or right after work. That probably doesn’t work as well with logistics!

  3. what about reading? That should get your mind onto other topics… I know a lot of people that use that as their method of relaxing and getting to sleep…

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