2010 in SPs

More procrastination. I had a brilliant idea to post all my SPs (self portraits) as a montage of 2010. But combine this everlasting reluctance to send in my dirty camera and living with a professional photographer, it turns out there aren’t very many. Like less than 10, even including those taken with a timer. I smell a resolution. Well for now, enjoy a few moments at arm’s length on FlickR.

Speaking of which, I can’t decide if I should renew my FlickR pro account. The free account has (obviously) limited upload bandwidth, but who am I kidding here…I doubt I’ll even notice. What I really dislike is that it only shows the past 200 photos, and I like taking trips down memory lane, looking at old sets. There is Picasa but somehow it’s just not as fun to comment nor does it have that strong photo community. And in the end, I know most of the world have more fun seeing and tagging through FB albums. Thoughts?

Janis baby's wedding in France

I really like this SP at my cousin's wedding in France this past summer.



  1. Preston · · Reply

    I think Facebook is the only service that will give you unlimited photo storage for free, albeit at a reduced resolution. If you want the community aspect, can’t beat Facebook! I personally prefer Picasa since it sinks so nicely with the desktop software and allows you to download the high resolution versions of your friends’ photos.

  2. i have a big issue with facebook in general. it’s true that sharing photos through facebook would probably be the easiest route, but the fine print of their privacy policy leads me to believe that they practically claim ownership to any photos you post on FB. they keep copies of photos you upload and they say they can use the photos as they see fit (for advertisements, i suppose?) and the user is not eligible for compensation. i also find it difficult to edit privacy settings for photos and photo albums. the default setting for photos and photo albums on FB is that they are downloadable by anyone who can see the photo. if you don’t want anyone to download your photos, you have to resize all of your photos to a lower resolution, which, hello, is a huge pain in the ass. why do i want to go through and resize every single photo before i upload it? i also like that you can edit photos using picnik on flickr. currently, there’s no way to edit photos on FB. i just think that facebook’s practices as a business are shady and i am vary of what i share on my profile. there’s no match for FB right now in terms of social networking and reconnecting and keeping in touch with old friends, new friends, and family, but it will never be my go to place for sharing or storing photos. /rant

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