This time I’m going to use tennis as the reason why I haven’t blogged lately. Most of my free time has been dedicated to tennis…and I LOVE it.

I didn’t realize how much I did until these past few months. There’s just something so much more enjoyable now that I’m no longer an adolescent or trying to impress my parents (well OK, I still am and my forehand is not ready yet, Dad). Now I have a solid tennis crowd who will hit with me whenever we can scrounge a court (thanks guys!!!), and even more, a tennis partner who’s sucked me into… USTA. Leagues. Tournaments. He also has a good eye for correcting me, and it’s been satisfying to actually improve (and have people notice). Still, it’s not fast enough! I’m losing sleep visualizing how much better I should I get, or thinking about the next time I get to play. Hey, I’m up writing a blog about it.

I even designed matching t-shirts for my partner and me, with the full intention of using the logo for the team we’re already talking about for next year. But you all wouldn’t expect any less of me 🙂 Meet Team Soft Serve!



  1. wow, this blog is music to my ears. Glad you are playing so much tennis again. Maybe I can finally get you out on the court for some singles after way too many years. I think the last time we hit was when you lived by Wallace Park with Carolyn. Good Luck Team Soft Serve.

  2. nicole, to show how much i love tennis, i’d be more than happy to be crushed on the court by you. in the meantime, i’m going to practice, practice, practice til you come back from germany!

  3. Nope, would not expect anything less of you 😉 Love the name and now I’m hungry for ice cream!

  4. Love it… Can’t wait to start hearing updates about team soft serve!

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