What happened in March?

I am alive! Excuse me for the hiatus, all I can say is that it’s been busy. It happened back around St. Patty’s Day when I never quite found the time to finish up my race report for the Shamrock 15k. Since then it’s become this backlog of events, waiting for their blog entry. But recently two of our regular Family Friday folk moved away and even further away. I love following their exciting and challenging life experiences on their blogs and realized I should try to keep it up in return, even if it is same ol’ Portland or doesn’t have pretty pictures (CP has been traveling). Someone might be interested!

So what happened in March?

Shamrock 15K
I raced (Yes, again. I’m racing a lot because I joined a running club for a charity called the Ethiopia Project.) In 2007 I was pleased with my 7:12 pace; this year I decided to try for 7s flat, though the course is no where near “flat”. I felt strong on the uphill but as usual got passed on the downhill, averaging 7:07 pace. Not too bad but still didn’t enjoy getting passed by people. No pictures because Slow Boy and CP were unsuccessful getting their bikes up the course through the 20,000 participants!

Community Garden
My work turned over a section of land in the parking lot into a community garden. Slow Boy and I are sharing an 8’x20′ plot with a friend I’ll call Mr. Green. Since we’re still signed up for a CSA, where starting in June we get a weekly bag of fresh veggies from a local farm and really don’t need anymore, this is more of a learning experience. We’re going to grow: tomatoes and basil (which we have successfully in the past), leeks, onions, green onions, shallots, dill (for cha ca, duh!), artichokes (leftover seeds from our friends and we’re just curious), sunflowers, and strawberries (well, Mr. Green is but we might pick one or two). I brought the peat pots to work so they could start in a “warmer” climate than our house. So far: we have leeks and dill! It pleases me to see the cute things sprout out.

This *really* deserves it’s own write up and Slow Boy *really* deserves something. Every two years, Slow Boy goes to a puzzle conference in honor of the famous mathematician Martin Gardner (still alive but not traveling to meet his fans). This year marked the 9th Gathering for Gardner (hence G4G9). It’s quite the crowd: mathematicians, magicians, puzzle makers, Rubik’s Cube geniuses (they’ve taken solving it to a whole new level–and speed), crossworders (I think Will Shortz came once. I’m jealous!). You get what I mean. Slow Boy is in the mix because in 2003 he solved a theory of Gardner’s via intense computation. Sorry, I’m butchering the feat (that got Slashdotted), but anyway, everyone brings a gift for everyone. In true form, Slow Boy decided to make 300 of a 10-piece wooden puzzle. Despite everyone’s (including yours truly) doubts, after a month of slaving away in friends’ woodworking shops and our basement, he did it, with the help of very little sweatshopping compared to years’ past. And actually, it was a pretty darn fun puzzle; I can say that because I’ve solved it! Pictures to be posted soon.

Now, a preview into April…

My first 4×4
This past Saturday some of the PDX running group ran a 4×4 mile relay at a track fundraiser for a local high school. It was a ton of fun and over so quickly! We four girls ran a 5:06.9 mile and I was pleased with my 68-69 seconds split. Major props to our 3rd leg runner, who just seems to be getting faster and not older 🙂  Our mile time definitely is put in perspective next to (not really) the winning time of the elite men’s mile race, a 4:20.

Dragon boat
Our first practice on the boat starts tonight. We’ve had track workouts in March, but clearly optional ones since only (the really dedicated) half shows up. I always have mixed feelings returning to DB every year, but I know as soon as I step on the boat, I’m going to remember how much I love sitting in the rain–I mean–paddling.

Joe’s Valley, Utah
This weekend we’re off for our first climbing trip of the year. CAN.NOT.WAIT. Not only do we get to climb outside (finally!), we’re going with the big (literally) boys. I’m hoping they’ll motivate me to crush outside. We fly out this Friday for a long weekend trip but the rest of the lucky climber bums are spending a whole week. Our baby fingers won’t last anyway (though apparently the rock is sandstone and very kind). I’m also really excited–proud–to wear our newly custom screened Team Group Send (TGS) shirts. Technically you can only be on the team if you 1) go on a TGS trip, 2) at which you drink a lot (I get a waiver on this one), and 3) wear a costume. Sigh, this year’s theme is: Lucha Libre. Why couldn’t it have been 80’s spandex again? Definitely pictures to come.

Phew, that was quite a summary post. Now back to work, which is the real reason why I haven’t had time to blog. We’re just in one of those crunch stages, so back to it!


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  1. YAY! Annie’s back! I’ve been missing your updates! I need to have a better way to chat with you… especially since I’m not a big fan of talking on the phone…

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