Happy Birthday Yohan!

Today my nephew turns one. That means for 365 days I’ve seen photos of him posted daily by my awesome sister. Since she usually has at least five to show us, it’s more like 2000 photos. And I still can’t wait for tomorrow’s batch.

Here are some of my favorites, that I looked at more than once so now we’re reaching multiples of thousands of views, as well as some of the hilarious moments captured on video (sorry, links only because FlickR and WordPress don’t get along).

Yohan, you’re growing fast but only getting cuter by the day! Happy Birthday!

Yohan and his maman

He smiles a lot

Yohan, chillin'

We request profiles and close-ups because they look like this!

I could watch him sleep forever

Yohan and me, at Bethany Beach

My biased opinion says that he's gonna be somebody's crush


The chatterbox

Yohan mastering the sniper crawl

And the best: Yohan, scared of cows in boxes



  1. I think based on that photo (and many others), even an unbiased opinion would agree with you. Future heartbreaker!!

  2. oh, he’s totally adorable! definitely going to popular with the ladies when he gets older 🙂 i’m sad i haven’t been on flickr as much because i’ve missed so many photos! happy birthday, yohan!

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