Chippy’s “Golden” Birthday

A rather belated post to my sister Chippy, our Couch Potato, but only because I had to save all my energy to stay up “all night” on her birthday. For the record, I made it to 3am! Plus, I’ve been having scanner issues but decided this post has been drafted for too long so I’ll upload more tonight.

Sigh, she really is no longer a baby

Last Saturday, Miss Chipmunk turned 26. Her growing up still causes a bit of confusion. For instance, my parents wished her a “Happy 25th” email, granted they were sleep-deprived while trying to get home from Vietnam to DC’s snOMG of 2010 (27″ inches in one day!). And the fact that she called it her golden birthday, when technically it isn’t, but like she really understood that concept at six years old.

It was a full day of celebrating. We played tennis with our regular Saturday crowd and Chippy tried out a new serve, winning 7-5. For dinner, thank us, folks: we finally took her to eat dol sot bi bim bap (non-FBers: this has been Chippy’s reoccurring craving/status…for the past month). But it was a rushed dinner (as much as one can force sizzling hot food down) to get back to our place on time for the party we were throwing. Chippy had requested her childhood dream party: a sleep over board game party with all-you-can-eat ice cream. Classic.

The sleep over was optional but much to our delight, many came in their PJs (while some decided to spare us their “birthday” suit). Again, I regret my continual failure to take pictures because can you just imagine a group photo of all the guests in PJs? Well, please do.

One plus two plus one

At the last minute, the organizer in me decided to put together the real-life* version of Clue. If you haven’t played the game or seen the movie, I might have to slap you. Or maybe I won’t be as mean as Mr. Green but the next few lines won’t make any sense. Everyone received a goodie bag, in which contained two cards and a weapon (and cheap candy, a goodie bag requisite). One card had the name of a guest and the other a room in our house. I randomly picked out one bag and the goal was to deduce the real murderer, weapon, and room in that bag by finding out what others had. Like the board game, you were only allowed to ask a question about a room while in the room, and ask in the format of “Was it Chippy with the can tapper in the nook?”.

Can tapper? You see, producing 25 weapons required some imagination. Along with the classics from the game (a dart gun in place of the revolver), the new and improved weapons were dental floss, an electric cord, an awl, a rubber band, escargot tongs, and so on. My favorite: the egg beater (get it? a beater! sigh…). We limited the game to eight rooms as I wasn’t about to attempt to identify 25 spots in our house and make people stand in a closet.

I love it when games get intense, in a fun way! We weren’t sure who all would really participate in the murder mystery, but as soon as the bags were handed out, the party shifted from mingling to questioning from room to room. At first everyone was hush hush in revealing their weapons or cards. For the Clue savvy, you’re quickly realizing the impossible matrix of 25 people and weapons, and so did the guests. Thus collaboration began, as well as eavesdropping and occasional glances at others’ “detective notes”. Soon it was like telephone and word on the street was that it wasn’t the yarn nor in the dining room (and there I was, standing in the dining room). But there were still some unrevealed clues, since I had put aside bags for the latecomers, otherwise considered fresh meat. When Chun arrived, he couldn’t take off his shoes before being bombarded in the sage hall by the winning-inclined. He looked in his bag and asked, “Why do I have dental floss?” A ha! Heads turn back to their sheets to narrow down the next possible weapon.

Board–not bored!–games all night

Our closest cousins would call them “boredgames”, and yet we still begged to play (and usually prevailed–thanks Wang and cous!). So an evening full of games is right up our alley. To no surprise, our friend Mike is ridiculously impressive at Trivial Pursuit. The other side of the dining room table played Ticket to Ride, a strategic, building game that is super fun! Team B for Birthday Girl crushed at Taboo, but it’s not fair to have two sisters on the same team. Going strong at 1:00am, Chippy tried to whip out Team Trivial Pursuit, but none of us could handle new rules or thinking, for that matter. Instead, we played the famous name game that I learned in college (family: the one from Asia trip 2001), which starts out easy with a description of the person but is guaranteed to end on hilarious charade performances.

The morning after

The last of the folks left at 3am (we think one could have kept going because he was playing solitaire) while some close friends actually slept over. How fun! It was like college all over again, except we all were awake by 8am because we’re too old to sleep in. Some felt hung over, likely not from the few beers (doesn’t go with ice cream) but from the lack of sleep. We wobbled down to brunch at our local joint, the Stepping Stone, where Dillon faced the mancake challenge: 3 pancakes, each 1″ thick and wider than your usual dinner plate. Good eaters can maybe eat two, but if you eat all three, you get your picture on the wall. And he did it!

Phew, so there was our celebration for the young’in Chippy, who, by the way, is STILL asking us to play boardgames all this week. She’s unstoppable!

*We didn’t really murder people, silly! And you might be wondering: who did it? It was Jon, with the yo-yo, in the peach hall. The prize for the winner, perfectly named Ms. Green, was the movie Clue, of course.



  1. This is an early contender for “best party of 2010!”

  2. that sounds like so much fun! clue rocks!

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