You knew I’d post something about resolutions. But actually, though I probably come off as SO-the-resolution-setting-kind-of-person, I hadn’t thought of it until a friend’s recent post. Sure, I’ll come up with a few and share them.

1. Cook. I should explain, since 6 out of 7 nights we usually cook and, ever since 2006 when we were gearing up to pay a mortgage, we pack lunch for work everyday. But we’ve fallen into the same repertoire of a dozen or so (tasty!) dishes. Grocery shopping has never been so efficient, grabbing the same stuff in the same aisle-order (plus whatever is on sale). My mom recently revealed to me how it disappoints them that CP and I don’t eat together more often (I might be reading too much in the lines but I think it was more that I, the bigger sister, don’t cook for her 😉 ). It’s not that we don’t; we just don’t cook elaborate meals regularly, what with the climbing, dragon boat, and everything else on the schedule. So my first 2010 resolution: to try out new recipes, in my dozens of cookbooks, and serve it to the house of course.

2. Be more spontaneous. I’m a Google calendar user. I *try* to plan things only the week of, but that includes the meals, runs, get-togethers. When our climber friends ask us to go out after a session at the gym and we don’t because we already have plans to go home and cook dinner, that is sad.

3. Play tennis. Maybe even enter a league or tournament! Then my 3a my resolution would be to NOT say “sorry” to my opponents.

4. Not sure what to do with running. Maybe get faster, or how about run that sub six-minute mile (end-of-2009 attempt and new PR was 6:05). I have a half marathon coming in a few weeks, and we’ll see where I stand in terms for qualifying for the New York Marathon. It is a lottery to get in, but you can also use a half time to qualify. For women in my age group, it’s 1 hour 35 minutes, or 7:14 pace!

5. Take pictures. It’s too cushy having CP around but she’s not always here (like now). I need to document things myself and actually use my (paid) FlickrPro account. First step: send my camera in for a cleaning.

So here’s to 2010: new dishes (or disasters), running work outs, smashing the ball at my opponent–and photographing it all.

[Update] I forgot #6! Go to Hawaii or Alaska. These two states are easily accessible from the northwest and yet we’ve never ventured that far up north and the last time we were in Hawaii was 2005.



  1. oooh! you can come to Alaska with us if you want! Our friend Megan (you met her) just moved to Anchorage this week and we’re planning on going up to visit her in late summer. If you are interested, we should discuss…

  2. oy, i have so many resolutions in my head. i want to go to alaska too! i’ve been planning that trip in my head for a long time as well 😀

  3. […] did pretty well with my 2010 resolutions, so staying positive about this […]

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