How about some oldies?

I’m exposing how old and out-of-date I am by listing out the CDs I burned today for our big road trip (which starts tonight!). Yes, CDs because 1) my ipod–and CDs, for that matter–were stolen, and 2) I sadly haven’t gotten new music in forever and have just whatever is on my computer.

It was frustrating to lose all of my music (my best of Abba!);  I scrounged as best I could and hope to replace all the missing stuff some day. This means a lot of it  dates back to college years, when, ahem, downloading and copy across the server was the thing to do.

Here’s what I came up with. Also remember: it’s tricky trying to think of what would sound interesting at 3:30am!

1. Most frequently listed albums: Postal Service, the Killers, Slumdog Millionaire and Juno soundtrack
2. 80s. Well, duh!  How could I not listen to Journey’s “Don’t stop believing”.
3. I created my version of the best of U2, and found that I still swoon to “With or without you”.
4. Cheesy hip-hop/R&B. You know, songs in like Save the Last Dance, oldies remixed to a beat, stuff that gets me moving. I only wish I had the new Fame soundtrack.
5. Johnny Cash and Simon and Garfunkel
6. Stuff that I hope is still considered rock and hasn’t moved to the ’00’s (or whatever the millennium will be called)
7. Women with great vocals and guitar skills, though it could be a little mellow for in the middle of the night
9. Rent and Les Miserables–hey, singing can keep you awake!
8. Bishop 2009! Every road trip has to have its token CD so that you come across it later on and remember that time we went to Bishop.

I realized I may have grown out of my Erasure/Depeche Mode/New Order/Pet Shop Boys/Anything Box phase. Sure, I get a kick whenever I hear it (the GAP doesn’t seem to have outgrown them yet) or when Slow Boy imitates the synthesizer. He enjoys pointing how the drums sound the same in EVERY song–yeah, yeah, I tell him, it’s catchy!

I’m ready for some new stuff. I wish I had thought of this earlier, but if you have suggestions, send them my way. Plus, I may need a tutorial on how to get music. Do people still buy CDs?

In the meantime, very shortly (like, after I finish loading up the car with two crash pads, camping gear, food, and the family), we’re off to Bishop, CA, a fifteen hour drive to possibly one of the best bouldering spots ever. By then, who will need music when we have REAL rock!



  1. Annie, you’re hilarious. Generally speaking, unless you’re a collector and/or don’t have a computer, nobody buys CDs anymore. Even I thought I’d never give them up (since I love collecting), but now I’m exclusively digital. I subscribe to emusic, an online service where you pay a monthly subscription fee and they give you X amount of downloads. It’s mostly independent labels but their catalog is expanding daily. Other than that, it’s Amazon MP3s and iTunes (which is appealing now b/c it’s finally DRM-free).

    Have a fun trip!

    P.S. Even though I don’t keep them on regular rotation, I’ll NEVER tire of Erasure/DM/Pet Shop Boys/etc… it’ll always remind me of our awesome childhood summers! And come on, a synthesizer + drum kit are the perfect formula for a catchy pop song!

  2. i also never tire of erasure/dm/pet shop boys, etc! fabs! i don’t buy CDs anymore, and i’m trying to get all of my CDs onto my laptop so i can stop lugging that case around. i got rid of the cases, but you can’t get rid of the CDs themselves!

    dude, i LOVE cheesy hip-hop/r&b! hahah ‘save the last dance’ is a great example, but so is ‘center stage.’

    i also dread the day when rock becomes ‘classic rock.’ i’m sorry, but U2, REM, aerosmith, and blues traveler are NOT classic rock to me! GAH! they are ROCK, but classic rock for me is reserved for the rolling stones, etc. it makes me feel old to hear the smashing pumpkins and REM and blues traveler on the freaking classic rock station.

    i will recommend regina spektor. i think you’ll really like her sound. i have so many other sounds i’m digging right now, so i will try to think about it and we can discuss later! 🙂

  3. omg, i found an old mix labeled “annie’s fave”, popped it in, and sure enough i was boppin’ to “if you leave”, “take on me”, “the promise” (and picturing cookie’s superman video). it *almost* made me reach for UB40. those were great years.

    i knew you two could help me out! next (shorter) road trip is in two weekends and after 28 hours of these CDs, i need new ones. send me a list to buy on amazon!

    tech question for pouy: what about my old itunes songs? it always scares me that i’ve used “4 out of 5 computers”.

  4. you can always deauthorize computers that you’ve previously given permission to, which will free up space for new computers. see here:
    but either way, you’ll always have access to those files from the original comp. always a good idea to back them up.

    also, me giving YOU tech support? oh, the irony! 😉

    what kind of music do you listen to these days, generally? i’m a huge indie music nerd so i can talk for days, but if i have a sense of what style you like (besides ’80s, of course) i can make better recommendations!

    1. ooo thanks! i will definitely try that. i guess they *were* backed up on my stolen ipod… sigh.

      well, i have to admit that 80s is not my top choice in terms of hearing over and over again–once awhile it is just so fun. i never tire of postal service, i enjoy the decemberists and killers, and in general more mellow rock with good lyrics. johnny cash is classic and fun. i used to follow your blog w/ all the music recommendations, so i’d love some indie music recommendations! going on another (shorter) road trip this weekend and last weeks mixes are still fresh in the head, so some new stuff would be wonderful.

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