Lazy Eye, Part deux

This sequel is typical of any sequel to a movie: same as the first, only more predictable.

Lazy Eye was stolen AGAIN…and then found in a span of 24 hours. Yes: OMG. We found out yesterday morning as we left the house for work, only to find no car in the driveway. Then this morning, just as I got into work, Slow Boy received the phone call saying it was found.

How? This one’s easy. Last time there was a spare key in the car, so they probably were in the neighborhood and thought “hey, there’s our car!” Yes, we’re going to get a club…today.

Why? We have no idea. The first time we thought it was just for a joyride with fortunate loot (sigh). The cop said that multiple thefts happen more often than you think. Hey, they know the area and street, and, well, they know it’s possible because they were successful the first time. Sometimes it’s people needing a ride to the drug house, after which they abandon the car; he said they often arrest people with 20 keys. I think they just took it for a joyride again, looking for stuff as well. Fortunately we learned our lesson last time: we’re short two cloth napkins and the radio (apparently this time they were prepared and had tools to take it out).

There were actually signs leading up to this:

– We were thinking of going on a road trip this weekend, just like last time.
– Last week, Slow Boy finally opened up the Corona that they so kindly left us when we recovered Lazy. He enjoyed his most expensive beer ever with a fresh lime and a homecooked meal.
– The night before they stole it, my mom was just asking about the car. “It’s fine,” I replied. “It’ll be here when you come [for Thanksgiving].”

How could we not have seen it coming? This sequel is SO predictable.

Anyway, Lazy is back…after gearing ourselves up to bike everywhere (to the climbing gym last night, Slow Boy to work this morning, and this weekend it was going to be a “special” orienteering race of…find that car!). Now it’s back to the same ol’ routine. Several have suggested we turn the car into like ZipCar. Leave a note saying “Hi thiefs! You can borrow this car, sure! But let’s get rid of the middle man [towing co.] and just put the car back in the driveway when you’re done. Kthxbye.”

Please, please let there not be part III.



  1. The only thing missing to make the perfect sequel is for one of us to have said “I’ll be right back…”

  2. This happened to one of my co-workers. His truck was stolen and later recovered. Then they came back and stole his Prius, which was also later recovered. I guess it is a fairly common thing.

  3. haha, hilarious. i love the idea of turning it into a “zipcar” car! poor lazy eye.

  4. […] all things borrowed and pay off all debts. After last year’s water main burst and two car thefts, I’m a firm believer of this one (last year, I only owed small cash to my uncle but […]

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