Falling for fall

We’ve been enjoying our quieter fall. There’s more of cooking, house work, seeing friends (yay for girls’ night!), hanging out on the couch (now by the fire), and better climbing. Here are a few fun fall things that happened so far:

  • Last week I ran–in the organized sense–a 5k at work. This was our second annual event; this year, we doubled the number of participants, reaching almost 400! Overall, it was a huge hit, but as the one running the show, I definitely learned a few things about planning events. A TR post coming soon.
  • I’m still debating on doing a trail marathon. I went for a long run this weekend, hoping I’d be inspired but instead felt weaker than I’d like, in a hungry sort of way. Either my vegetarian choice is impacting me, or I just need to eat a larger breakfast (one granola bar). I am sold on Mr. Toed’s salted Gatorade mix but not quite yet on dissolved Gu.
  • Fall has come which means our house has turned to a cold 55 degrees. We thought we could hold out a few more weeks (fires are wonderful!) but it’s likely the heat will be coming on this week.
  • So many friends are having babies! Welcome to Simon, who has possibly the cutest older sister ever, and less than a day old, Lena, the girl that I predicted to be a boy, to the Portland family. My streak is over and lesson learned: next time listen to my dreams!
  • My manager has returned from sabbatical. We had a grand time decorating his cube (to be posted on Flickr) and now that I’m not playing boss anymore, work should be *slightly* easier.
  • In two weeks, the house will be off on a big road trip to Bishop, CA, possibly the best place to boulder (note: I haven’t been to Hueco Tanks). We’ll be meeting up with our favorite nomadic friends, and are so excited that we’re not quite preparing ourselves for the 14 hour drive–overnight–that awaits us. Hey, it just means more climbing!

One comment

  1. what? only one granola bar for breakfast? i always try to eat a bigger breakfast and smaller lunch and dinner otherwise i get hungry. and when i get hungry, i get cranky 🙂

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