And now… Happy Birthday Daddy!

This week of August is always a busy and exciting one for the family: Cookie’s birthday, my parents’ 33rd anniversary yesterday, and my daddy’s birthday today!

Yes, we still call him daddy. It’s hard to grow up around him. Even he regresses and we just have fun. Despite the facade, everyone knows my dad is a jokester and took pride in scaring all the cousins when we were young. We tried hard to make him proud in tennis (and despite my forehand today, I think we succeeded). He and my sister are dangerous together in electronic stores or car dealerships that they’re no longer allowed to go alone. Growing up, it surprised me how much I looked for the qualities like that in my dad.

He’s also quiet and private, so a few things you may not have known about him:

  1. He used to work very long, late hours, sometimes staying overnight at the hospital. I remember waking up very early and sneaking down the stairs with Cookie to watch him leave just so we could say we saw him that day. I even started to make him sandwiches (banh mi ga).
  2. He stresses out about the trash. One of his favorite excursions is going to the dumpster.
  3. On that note, he is incredibly generous. During Christmas, he’ll wait outside at the top of our driveway to make sure the nice folks who pick up our trash get their envelopes.
  4. He likes to sing! Ok, this isn’t news for the karoake crowd but it was news to me when I came home from college to find my dad playing the keyboard and singing aloud! And he’s way better than me (I get it from the Buis… 🙂 ).
  5. He enjoys trivia and history. We often feel inadequate being American born and raised but still unable answer his questions.
  6. He makes the best french fries, or rather, khoai tay for thit bo xao. I want some when I come home next week!
  7. Though he’s not a flowers kind of guy, he is incredibly sweet and dedicated to my mom. They still hold hands walking around and if she lifts a finger, we are in trouble. In fact, rumor has it that he had to become a doctor to marry my mom, and so he did.
  8. Though, he wasn’t the studious of students. He often skipped class and went to my mom’s instead, or to go gamble and play pool — he was a shark!
  9. The ocean makes him happy. Swimming, water skiing, trying out windsurfing or katamaran, just being near the sound of it.
  10. Family comes first. In high school, I’d complain how I had to be home for every dinner, but now, I realize how close that’s made our family. All we do now when we come home is sit around the kitchen table and talk.

We also know that it’s impossible to get him to smile on camera, let alone be on camera. Thanks to Couch Potato for looking through THE red album at home and finding photos for us to enjoy of our dad 🙂 Here are a few highlights and more here.

My dad with Ong Noi (his dad)

My dad has a striking resemblance to his dad (my Ong Noi).

March 11, 1953, Nha Trang, Vietnam

My dad is on the right. Check out those pants!

My parents sightseeing in Europe. Check out my dad's pants on the right!

Aug 26, 1976: My parents' wedding day

Cameras, ocean, and daughter (Couch Potato): he couldnt be any happier (and see, hes smiling!)

Camera, ocean, and daughter (Couch Potato). He couldn't be any happier -- and see, he's smiling!

Visiting SF. Im probably 3-4 years old.

Visiting SF when I was probably 3-4 years old

At my wedding in 2007.

At my wedding in 2007

Today, with his first grandchild Yohan.

Today, celebrating his birthday with his first grandchild Yohan

Happy Birthday Daddy! Love, Fatso


One comment

  1. awwww annie, this was the sweetest post ever! i loved it 🙂 and he does smile….but only sometimes! happy belated birthday to him!

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