I should mention…

I missed an important follow up to my blog post: we got Lazy Eye back! Two weeks ago while at an Oregon Zoo concert, we got the surprising phone call from the police. It had been abandoned on NE Glisan and 31st, and after two weeks, it was towed. We picked it up right after the concert, forgetting the key but fortunately the hidden one was still there, paid the exorbitant towing fee, and took it back home. (A side note: why didn’t the towing company check the plates before towing? Oh wait, I know why. Evil Towing Companies!)

Lazy was in the same shape, which according to the towing company, is “poor”. The joy riders did take most of the stuff inside, sparing us the radio, dog’s leash (but not towel), and a complimentary unopened Corona. Slow Boy has that chilling in the fridge and has yet to pop open the most expensive beer, ever. Another interesting item they left behind was the electronic key to another car. Stolen, possibly? Hmm…

It did happen the weekend we had finally resigned to go test driving, which would have been fun to do in all those fancy hybrids and electrics — and with automatic locks! But after a few days of driving Lazy, Slow Boy’s only ever car, it feels just right (for now).

Fortunately, it was just in time before this ridiculous heat wave. For those who don’t follow Portland weather, it’s been 105, often. Biking to work would have been absolutely miserable.

Anyway, thought I’d send the update out since a few have been surprised when we show up in Lazy. Thanks for the good vibes!



  1. Actually, biking TO work has been delightful! It’s biking home that would suck. But that’s what the train is for.

  2. so glad you got your car back! no sign of ben’s wallet or your ipod, though?

  3. […] going on a road trip this weekend, just like last time. – Last week, Slow Boy finally opened up the Corona that they so kindly left us when we recovered Lazy. He enjoyed his most expensive beer ever with a fresh lime and a homecooked meal. – The night […]

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