Hello 30s!

Tomorrow I turn 30. How time flies. I actually had been looking forward to the big 3-0 everyone talks about. I don’t feel old and I’m enjoying life! But somehow the passing of my all time childhood music idol has made me a little nostalgic for my youth.

Was it really 25 years ago I was jamming to Michael Jackson? Not understanding any of the words to Billie Jean, just that I LOVED IT ALL. It’s dramatic but it does feel like a piece of my childhood has died. I teared up on our drive home today as we listened to the tributes and marathons on the radio. His music has such a beat and sound!

I guess I don’t feel old because my personality has always been old. My best cousin used to get so bored with me because I always wanted to play what she called “boredgames”. Up to me, I would have chosen curling up to a movie over going out, but in the end, I followed my friends (it wasn’t so bad: I loved watching them dance). And you know responsible me: Couch Potato’s second mom.

But I still love to play just as much as ever! So, I embrace my 30s with a little bit of “sigh, I wish I was a kid again so I could ONLY play” but also with happiness. The past decade for me has been my defining years. Of course finding Slow Boy has something to do with it. But I came to Portland having never camped and didn’t consider running a sport (there was a pause when Slow Boy first told me that was his thing). And how am I celebrating my 30th? Tomorrow morning the house and friends are driving down to the northern Californian coast to go camping and climbing! We’ll squeeze in a long run on the Redwood Trail too (and I hope to do 30 miles sometime soon). It’s also the start of a week vacation…in Portland, for once, when normally, we leave town (and need a vacation upon our return). A very me celebration and great kick off to my 30s.

I leave you with proof that I really haven’t changed at all 🙂 [Update: hmm… flickr videos don’t work here, so here’s a link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nhanh/3661240197/]

p.s. Thanks everyone in advance for all the birthday wishes. This is my first birthday on the internet (I joined FB last fall and this blog started with my sabbatical this year). So it’s exciting to get so my wishes! I promise I’ll write and post pictures post-birthday celebration.



  1. Natalie · · Reply

    Annie, keep playing in your 30’s and beyond..nothing wrong with that! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looking forward to helping you ring in the start of your birthday vacation week.

  2. yay!! happy birthday, annie! i have no doubt that you’ll love your 30s. have a great trip!

  3. It is so sad to see the pic of Lazy Eye. Yeah, it had water in the trunk, and a lot of scabs, and the eye thing, but, hey, it was a member of the household since 98 — more steadfast than a lot of the roommates.
    The worst thing about theft is not the loss of possessions but the feeling of violation. Here you are, doing your best to be a good person, and somebody blindsides you with pure selfish meanness.
    I hope that Lazy Eye is found, but if not, get a bright yellow one next time!

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