Flashback Friday

Well, I’m done w/ all the nostalgia posts. Hope I didn’t bore you!

I’m copying an idea from my family friend*: Flashback Friday is when we get to post old gems of photos.

Here is the Vietnamese clan at someone’s birthday way back when at the old house. This is the community I was referring to in my last post, where the connection is so extended I always told my parents I could never marry a Vietnamese because somehow I’d be “related” to them. And can you imagine how many birthday parties there were with ALL those kids?

You should be able to pick me out by the duck lips.

Kids gather round for somebodys birthday.

Kids gather round for somebody's birthday.

* Let me finally introduce Tuti, the onewhoalwayscommentsoneverythinganddoesitfirst, my cousin’s cousin.



  1. heehee 🙂 i’ve been away from the internet since friday, but i’m back!!!

  2. Natalie · · Reply

    Annie, that’s a lot of “bowl cuts” in one place! 🙂

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