A small world, part V

Where are you all now? It seems improbable after 20 years of moving around the country that I’d ever have a clue. But sure enough, my past and I do keep crossing paths! Here’s why I think it’s a small world (the last one is what started this recent memory lane kick).

  • A good friend from the old house on Pine Hill road ended up at my high school, though we found out that we grew up to be very different.
  • I once bumped into a good friend who I hadn’t seen in awhile on the NYC subway. This is more improbable than it sounds: NYC is big, there are lot of trains and people, and I wasn’t even supposed to be on this train. I had missed my stop to the airport, got on this one to turn around, and there she was, facing me, as I walked on. We had 30 sec. to absorb the shock and hug, before I got off again.
  • After 15 years since my last letter, I found out the girl with the water bed lives in SE Portland. We met up and I brought the dinosaur buttons she had sent me.
  • One of my middle school friends went to Williams College (where Slow Boy and other Portlanders went). It’s a small school (graduating class is less 500, less than my high school class), but it turns out she was roommates with my running partner here. Not having talked since 8th grade, this was an exciting, recent discovery.
  • Last week, I added Freckles on FB through water bed girl. Last I saw her was in the summer of 1988 (when we moved). At the end of the week, I found out she had been in town–Portland!–and that I just missed her. What a tragic coincidence!

I’ve often wondered what it’s like to know someone since kindergarten. I fortunately have my tight-knit family and Vietnamese community, which includes 40+ cousins and my cousin’s cousin’s cousins, many of whom I’ve known since birth. But what would it be like to have that same, undeniable connection with my friends?

There’s a slight possibility that my two childhood playmates could very well be living in Portland one day. It’s crazy to imagine us three in the same town again, after all these years. We obviously have separate lives now, but maybe I’ll get that chance again to really KIT.


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  1. dude, it is a seriously small world, isn’t it??

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