Spring things

Sorry I’ve been quiet. Things have been happening, just not quite post-worthy. But I’m in the mood so I’ll write anyway.

  • The neighborhood potluck was actually a lot of fun and useful. We explained who exactly lives in our house, since last year we had series of visitors from Dec ’07 to Sep ’08, so you really could never tell. It turns out one neighbor is in the window business, so he and Slow Boy geeked out on energy film (while the rest learned what exactly these were). The newest couple to the street did an amazing remodel: picture the front hallway, artistically covered with shaped mirrors that flowed over the sides and ceilings, drawing you into their beautifully designed home. And there was gossip! So-and-so across the street slapped neighbor-husband’s @ss — ok that’s not so bad — and then stole her flowers!
  • We will no longer be the neighbors with the ugly sidewalk. Slow Boy dug up the weeds and gravel and it’s ready for planting. We’re thinking rose bushes and spring flowers, but knowing us, we could still very well be the ones with the ugly sidewalk, so this weekend we’re going to the nursery for advice.
  • It’s been sunny, so I rode my bike everywhere…until I wiped out on the way to the climbing gym. At full speed. I now have an impressive, itchy road burn on my right side. Just like me, my bike was only cosmetically harmed.  How hard is it to go perpendicular across the (Streetcar) tracks? Being my second fall of this kind, apparently it is for me.
  • With our daily bread baking, cookie obsession, and recent pizza-making break through, we’ve decided to go big. Next to our 50lb bag of rice (which has been neglected lately, sorry roots!) will soon be a 25lb bag of Bob’s Red Mill organic flour.
  • Dragon boat is full steam ahead. We are still looking for a male paddler or two, so if you’re interested, don’t be shy! The returning team is looking good and we have one month to get back in shape to hold our title at Tacoma. Did I mention we got first place?
  • Couch Potato is off today for the biggest trip of her life. Word has it that she’s starting a blog. We’ll miss her at home but I can’t wait to read and see all about it! Good luck and take me with you!


  1. chippy is starting a blog?! LINK! 🙂

    1. meannie · · Reply


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