Something new, something blue

One of my projects during my Portland vacation was our bedroom. The original cream wall color blended in with the taupe trim (that’s a whole other project) and the room felt very blah and dark. Also, when we moved in, our bedroom got all the “miscellaneous” furniture and lack thereof.

We decided with a blue to lighten up the room, avoiding baby blue by adding two drops of black. We like the color a lot! Ben’s mom, who has great taste and is our home decorator consultant, suggested red accents against the blue, which luckily, we had a lot in the room already.

Keep in mind that painting is the first step. The leftover furniture is a mix of Ikea, Costplus, Ben’s 8th grade project, and stuff from Ben’s parents’ first home. The decor is more unique and nicer: a custom Marimekko duvet cover from my cousin for our wedding present, my Ong Noi’s paintings, artwork from Wales, England and Portland, a rug from Nepal, and recent additions from Sapa, Vietnam (not shown).

Tada, our new bedroom!

This weekend, we picked out some Ikea table lamps and night stands. Though not visible in the photo, the table lamps are different, a bit more modern; but the bulb is much too bright (that’s going to change). The night stands are a good temporary replacement, maybe a tad high. I’m still in search of a desk and storage for my stuff (Ben gets the office), hence all the shoeboxes and stacks on the left. And the curtains — they’ll have to go. We’re thinking something more white, maybe fabric blinds.

Still, we’re quite happy with what we have so far. Our bedroom is starting to feel cozy!

Our bedroom


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  1. looks great! although, i think you’re right about the lamps. not quite right in this room!

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