I’m coming home!

Today was a relax day, and it was nice. Got up early for a run and wow! What a change from the Vietnam air. I felt great, even thought for a second I wasn’t out of shape…but 7mi later, I was wrong. In the morning, I hung out at Carolyn’s campus (INSEAD), which was interesting to see people my age back in the school routine: studying and drinking. Then I bummed around downtown and tried to shop, since apparently that’s the thing to do here. That or eat, which I did later w/ my two of my girlfriends from college. It was so fun to see them, since it’s been years! We tried to remember things and failed at times (are we getting that old?), but it was fun to chat anyway. I need to be better at keeping in touch.

And that’s about it. It’s all passing fast and as time closes in, I’m getting more ready to come home. It seems so long since I’ve been home. Let me recap:

Dec 24 – Flew to Maryland for Xmas
Dec 28 – Got into PDX at 11pm.
Dec 29 – Left PDX 12 hrs later for Singapore.
Dec 31? – Some 24hrs later in Singapore.
Jan 1 – Off to New Zealand
Jan 12 – Back to Singapore
Jan 13 – Off to Vietnam
Feb 11 – Back to Singapore
Feb 13 – Portland here I come!

So you can imagine how thrilled I am to stay in one place. My list for when I come back:

1. Take a breath of fresh Portland air.
2. Hug Ben at the airport.
3. Run in Forest Park.
4. Eat Ben’s bread and chili.
5. Sit in my home.

I have two weeks (three weekends) before I go back to work, and have been looking forward to this part of my sabbatical very much: bumming in Portland. I intend to get back into running and climbing shape (I can go every day!). I should probably try sleeping in one of these days. For the past two weeks, I’ve been getting up at 6am (or earlier) and going to bed after midnight. Not really a “vacation” schedule. I’m excited about painting our bedroom. We picked a color before the holidays and the swatch on the wall has been teasing us. I also can’t wait to put up all the stuff we bought. Yay new decorations! Oh, I just remembered there’s a DB meeting next week: ah already?! Well, I also hope to see you Portlanders sometime soon. You know I’m free 🙂

See you all back in the US!



  1. I call first comment!!

    Hey Annie, sounds like a great sabatical with more to come! Excited to hear about all the things you plan to do for the next two weeks and beyond.

    Keep up the blog! Pictures and short tweets are great, but nice, thoughtful narratives are better 🙂

  2. dude, if you’re out of shape but can still run 7 miles without any problems, then i’m a fat lazy slob. HAHHAA.

    enjoy your last two weeks off!!!!

  3. also, i disagree with kimmy. a photo is worth 1000 words. photos WITH CAPTIONS are better than narratives with no pictures at all 🙂

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