I’ve been at the beach this whole time

Hi folks! So sorry for the MIA. I’ve been at Mui Ne, a beach, since Monday and somehow internet was not accessible, time or location wise, til now. Even now, I don’t have much time because…I have my final kiteboarding lesson in 15 min.!!!!

So, highlights:
1) I’m learning how to kiteboard! It’s a huge spot for advanced and beginners, and after debating for two days, Chu Hien (my uncle) made a carpe diem speech on me, and we upped and did it. It’s ridiculously cheaper than the US, but still, enough to ponder about (though I know Ben would have immediately signed up. Sorry Ben!). So, I haven’t officially kite”boarded” yet, per se, but I have flown the kite, learned self rescue (yikes!), and been body dragged. Yeah, that last one can be pretty brutal to your body should you do it wrong. And I did 🙂 Now, the final lesson is to try it on the board. So excited and nervous. Supposedly after this, I’ll be “IKO” certified which means I can rent and practice more, anywhere in the world. However, if I were a renter, I wouldn’t put me out on the water by myself. So we’ll see how much this continues when I come back. At least I’ve tried it.
2) I love the beach. I always have, and this has been a nice refresher to the Vietnam busy-ness. This beach is actually really nice too. Water is cool, sand is soft, not too crowded, and a nice breeze so I don’t get too hot. The ocean is beautiful with fishing boats and kitesurfers everywhere. We’re unfortunately not staying on the beach (but our house is free), so I’d highly recommend doing beach front.
3) I’m running again! Been doing 6:30am runs (to avoid the sun) on a smaller beach close to where we’re staying. It’s great: after, I get to jump in the ocean to cool off.
4) We found a restaurant whose chef is just like our Ba (grandmother). It’s a trip down memory lane. We tried other places, despite Phung’s advice, and frealized that this is really the only place to at in Mui Ne. You’ll likely do the same, but trust me: Mai Khanh (or Chez Nina) is the way to go. She’s an amazing cook, but even more, an amazing woman. She’s 80 and walks faster than me! We love the food so much, we’ve been coming back for EVERY meal. She loves us too so she’s been cooking us special dishes. A steamed fish. Pizza egg (I didn’t know anyone else made that!). Moules et frites (she studied in France). Mommy, you’d love her.
5) This is my first Ha family vacation in awhile. We’ve been having a good time, bonding over the food, enjoying Chu Hien’s life lessons (that come out of the blue), lazy-ing around on the water, and discussing a future family reunion in July (hint, hint). I don’t think I can come back; I’m just going to go wherever Ky (Cookie’s baby) will be.

This part has been a little less Vietnamese (except for the amazing food and crazy taxi drivers), but I’m enjoying it the same. We’re stayign one more day; after that, debating on going to Dalat and doing a bike tour back. We’ll see!

But now, off to kiteboard. Or rather, drink some sea water!



  1. kiteboarding! that’s awesome! sounds like fun – i saw a guy doing it when i was at the beach last summer and it looks cool.

    btw – if you get my email don’t worry about getting me your address! i already had it!

  2. Annie,
    DO NOT bike on the quoc lo (highway). it’s too dangerous.

  3. But Annie, you live in a place that has some of the best kiteboarding…you MUST use your new skills and certification in the Gorge 😉

  4. hahah i love your dad’s comment here.

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