I got up…sorta

Well, I got on the board, and with the help of my instructor, I successfully did a water start several times. But once I was up, I panicked and couldn’t quite remember everything to do to actually ride. But it was so much fun! We’re a little addicted: we decided to stay another day and extend our lesson for one more hour. I want feel what’s it like to surf!

Now it’s time for dinner at Ba Duc’s. Seafood hotpot (lau). Sorry for the short msg but using Phung’s iphone (my first time, kinda cool but slow). Hopefully by the end of this I’ll have a cool pic to post!



  1. i see no pic!!! 😀

    congrats on getting up though! fun stuff!!

  2. Glad to hear from you! We were wondering where you were – we thought you’d disappeared! Kiteboarding sounds like so much fun – congrats on getting up!

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