75km down, 66 to go

We made it…barely. Ok, it wasn’t that grim, but it sure felt so the last 5 miles where we could see the town in the distance.

For a refresher, we “tramped” the Kepler Track, which starts in Te Anau and does a loop up a river valley, over a mountain and back down. Most do it in 3-4 days but Ben *really* (by this, I mean there was A LOT of discussion) wanted to make it a 2-day hike, and so we did!

We were so lucky with the weather. It absolutely poured both nights before we started out, dropping something like 10 inches of rain. The lake was so high that boat docks and trees were under water. But somehow the sun came out, the wind died down over the ridge (which I was originally very worried about), and instead we had spectacular views of the Fiordlands.

Now we are exhausted, ready to watch a movie…and start up again tomorrow for the Caples  Track. More later, with photos.



  1. woman, why are you talking in kilometers? you’re confusing me switching from km to miles 🙂 glad you ended up with nice weather!

  2. Hey, nice progress on the big hike! Sounds like a really great one with awesome views. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  3. Woo-wee, that’s impressive mileage. And so glad it didn’t dump on you. …Thanks for keeping us updated on your great adventure! We want to visit New Zealand more than ever now.

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