My dear Milo, You are FOUR years old. There was a lot of build-up to this age. Can you drive a car yet? No. Can you choose how many treats to have? No. But hey, you can watch four movies a week now. We hope this year is as exciting as that imagination of yours. We […]

Yesterday, October 18th, marked the one-year anniversary of Emmett coming home from the hospital. Those days — 53, to be exact — are starting to become a blur, so I’m taking a moment to remember that period in our life. The daily trips up Burnside, so much pumping and so much washing (hands, bottles and […]

This is round two for this blog. I’m embarrassed that I published a draft. So, now it’s been two weeks since our whirlwind of a trip. Life is kind of crazy here–Ben’s back at work, Emmett’s at daycare–so I must get this post out! FYI: It’s LONG. I admit I’ve been struggling to write a blog […]

As usual, I had big hopes to do a “quick” blog post back at the beginning of July, but there you go. Summer. And in a three weeks we are off to to France for Chippy’s wedding, so I better get this in fast. It’s been a HOT summer, so we’ve spent a lot of […]

I’ve never been good at history or dates; you really don’t want me on your team for Trivial Pursuit. But I’ll certainly remember my 36th birthday: the day the supreme court declared same-sex marriage legal. What pride. That news was really the icing the cake for my birthday, which was quite mellow and nice. I […]

It is no doubt getting hard to keep up with everything — kids, work, house stuff, exercise — so certainly this blog is getting the shaft. Though, really, it’s our own doing. You know how we like to pack it in. Or watch an episode in the evening :) May was also super busy with […]

Time flies! I had started this post over a month ago, and here I am, over a month into work, Emmett six months from his due date or eight and half months old, and Milo reaching 3 1/2 years old. A lot of what I started to write about Emmett a month ago is so outdated. […]


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