I was starting to panic about going to back to work (which happens this Monday, SOB). As if I hadn’t taken advantage of all this time off to do anything fun (which is not the case, but you know how stir-crazy you can get spending all day–and night–with an infant). So at the last minute, […]

Winter kind of flew by, in that, we didn’t really have one. We’ve had record-breaking sun, warmth, and dryness. I know I shouldn’t be jealous of all the snow on the east coast, but I am a little! Milo asked endlessly to go to Mountain Hood (as he calls it) and play in the snow. […]

Emmett turned six months old last week. Crazy, right? Thankfully, Emmett is doing great, and so far has no complications from being born early. You may never have guessed he was a preemie looking at his, according to Milo, “squishy cheeks”. Emmett is more like what he should be if he went full term: a 3 […]

Today is Chippy’s birthday. We are so happy and grateful that we get to celebrate with her one last time, because tomorrow our dear Tata Chippy moves down to San Francisco. It’ll be by far the hardest thing for all of us. We simply can’t imagine life here without her. We knew it was inevitable, but […]

Milo loves books and we’ve just started reading chapter books. Ben is especially excited about this. He has fond memories of his dad reading him the Narnia series. So the choice book is The Phantom Tollbooth, whose main character is…MILO! Ben actually read this book to him when he was just a week old and spending […]

Emmett is reaching five months old, but his gestational age, that is, counting from his due date, is 11 weeks. We’ll be following the gestational age in terms of milestones until almost two years old. But aside from a few more routine follow-ups, Emmett no longer has any special preemie care and he’s doing very well. […]

We kicked off the new year with a full house. Our friends needed a place to stay during their house renovations. It was last minute–we had just gotten back from our trip–but everyone rallied and we had the attic space cleared out in just one morning. It’s amazing what a deadline will do for us. […]


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