Egad, the last blog post was four months ago??? I feel like my kids who don’t comprehend the length of time. “Five minutes is longer than you think,” Milo often reminds me. I’ll start with Milo’s poetic description of spring: Mommy, you know why I like spring the most? After the winter coldness After everything […]

With the crazy snow this winter (11 inches!), our family has spent A LOT of time together, at home and in igloos: And while it was exhausting and many evenings I found myself counting down the minutes until bedtime, I’d spend the rest of the evening staying up late looking at pictures of said exhausting […]

Maybe my new year’s resolution will be to not write novels. I say that every year, don’t I? But here it goes: a wrap up of the last five months of 2016. After the Bus Tour, we had another six weeks of sabbatical left but it flew by. At least we had a week or […]

Ben and I are not exactly “romantic”. We’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day and rarely our anniversary. I’m guilty of often not remembering the year we got married (we got the house first, wedding after, it’s all confusing to me.) The younger me, you know, when I skipped school with my best friend to watch Tom Cruise movies, and hoped […]

As many of you know, we are back from our epic road trip. Epic not because of how far we traveled (less than 2000 miles) but more that we did this: 25 days of living on the road and camping with two young kids (almost 2 and 4 1/2 years old). I have a very detailed […]

Wow has it been almost three months since my last post? I had been meaning to blog, really. I had a draft about our nice spring, trips to both the west and east coast, visitors, and then BAM, summer has hit us, hot and heavy. Here goes nothing… EMMETT Let’s start with Emmett, since he’s […]

I’ll start this blog with a video. If you think cat videos are cute, Emmett imitating a cat is even cuter. This kid loves cats. Emmett is cracking us up lately. He’s really becoming his own little person. He loves his independence. He wants to play the piano by himself, signing to Ben to be “all done”. […]