As usual, I had big hopes to do a “quick” blog post back at the beginning of July, but there you go. Summer. And in a three weeks we are off to to France for Chippy’s wedding, so I better get this in fast. It’s been a HOT summer, so we’ve spent a lot of […]

I’ve never been good at history or dates; you really don’t want me on your team for Trivial Pursuit. But I’ll certainly remember my 36th birthday: the day the supreme court declared same-sex marriage legal. What pride. That news was really the icing the cake for my birthday, which was quite mellow and nice. I […]

It is no doubt getting hard to keep up with everything — kids, work, house stuff, exercise — so certainly this blog is getting the shaft. Though, really, it’s our own doing. You know how we like to pack it in. Or watch an episode in the evening :) May was also super busy with […]

Time flies! I had started this post over a month ago, and here I am, over a month into work, Emmett six months from his due date or eight and half months old, and Milo reaching 3 1/2 years old. A lot of what I started to write about Emmett a month ago is so outdated. […]

I was starting to panic about going to back to work (which happens this Monday, SOB). As if I hadn’t taken advantage of all this time off to do anything fun (which is not the case, but you know how stir-crazy you can get spending all day–and night–with an infant). So at the last minute, […]

Winter kind of flew by, in that, we didn’t really have one. We’ve had record-breaking sun, warmth, and dryness. I know I shouldn’t be jealous of all the snow on the east coast, but I am a little! Milo asked endlessly to go to Mountain Hood (as he calls it) and play in the snow. […]

Emmett turned six months old last week. Crazy, right? Thankfully, Emmett is doing great, and so far has no complications from being born early. You may never have guessed he was a preemie looking at his, according to Milo, “squishy cheeks”. Emmett is more like what he should be if he went full term: a 3 […]


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