I’ll start this blog with a video. If you think cat videos are cute, Emmett imitating a cat is even cuter. This kid loves cats. Emmett is cracking us up lately. He’s really becoming his own little person. He loves his independence. He wants to play the piano by himself, signing to Ben to be “all done”. […]

I enjoyed how mellow January was. We are back in our routine, which I need amidst the chaos of getting shoes and jackets on and out the door, the mess of spaghetti meals, LEGO all over our dining room table, and living out of laundry baskets (clean loads, at least). For starters, we are “sleeping in”. […]

Emmett and the Frustrating Slippers by Milo and Ben Chaffin (based on true and current events) Ben: One day Emmett found a pair of slippers that were too big for him. He really wanted to wear them. He asked his daddy to put them on. Daddy put them on, but they fell off. Daddy put them […]

I can’t believe we’re almost done with January. I had been meaning to post about our holiday–so here it is, a little late. When I was in high school, I loved the song by Paul McCartney, “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time”. You know you do too–it’s so catchy! Ironically, there’s a funny (that is, […]

Happy New Year! This year was the first time we ordered a card. Since the one we chose said “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” we were more motivated to send it out on time. So this year was also the first time we sent them out before the next year (typically, we use the […]

At school, Milo is learning about hidden messages in stories. An example: Milo told us the hidden message in Peter Pan is that redskins are bad. “People used to think they didn’t have to respect everyone. But they were wrong.” They discussed about firefighters usually being boys. Here’s a picture of the conversation between Milo and […]

My dear Milo, You are FOUR years old. There was a lot of build-up to this age. Can you drive a car yet? No. Can you choose how many treats to have? No. But hey, you can watch four movies a week now. We hope this year is as exciting as that imagination of yours. We […]


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