As I take Emmett out and about, I’ve noticed that people LOVE newborns. They always stop to smile when they realize how small of a baby I have wrapped in me. When they ask how old he is, I can’t simply answer two months. I definitely still count his age in gestation weeks and not his actual age. Emmett has […]

Milo turns three (!!!) next month. We’ve been enjoying his company and this amazing fall weather as much as we can, because let’s face it: winter–and baby brother–are coming. Here is a quick post of some photos and classic Milo-isms. “If I eat all the people up, then there would be nobody left but me.” “We should turn […]

Today marks seven weeks since Emmett’s birthday. I admit I had hoped he’d be home by now. On average, preemie babies go home around 36 weeks and 2 days. Emmett is now 36w4d, so he’s taking a little longer. But we’re closer than before–and impatient as ever! Since my last update, Emmett took the new […]

I need to get better at quick posts since time is starting to feel limited. Tonight I’m cramming pumping sessions, so let’s see if I can whip this post out in between. Emmett is “nippling” (as they say) more, and he loves the breast but not the bottle. The doctors and nurses seem somewhat surprised by this, […]

This Friday, Emmett will be one month old, or 34 weeks gestationally. Thankfully, we haven’t had any more surprises since that first day, but this sweet face could get away with anything. Emmett is getting chubbier fast: born at 3 lbs, he is now 4 lbs 14 oz! He’s been maintaining his temperature, so this past […]

It’s all about perspective. 32 weeks seems SO much farther along than 29, but still a long ways from coming home… I don’t want to ginx our NICU experience, but so far, Emmett continues to do well. He has kept up his weight gain, about an ounce (or more) a day, and is nearing 4 lbs. He […]

Milo will proudly tell you he’s a preschooler. Technically he’s not because he’s not three yet, so they are still keeping the 1:5 teacher to kid ratio. Once Milo, the youngest in the class, turns three, then the ratio will go up 1:10 (and good luck to the teachers!). But in all other aspects, they’ve transitioned […]


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