I agree with Olaf: “Summer? Oh, I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the idea of summer!” Except for the “all things hot.” We’re glad the heat wave in Portland has passed. I’m almost into the sixth month of the pregnancy, which is hard to believe! I’m definitely showing enough for people to feel […]

Five months into the pregnancy and I finally took a belly photo. I feel a lot bigger this time, but comparing to week 21 from last time (front and side view), it’s not as noticeable as I expected. But people are starting to notice the belly which is better than just looking bloated all the time. […]

Yup, baby #2 is on its way! I am about 19 weeks (almost half way) and due November 7th, four days before Milo’s third birthday. Milo was three weeks early and I’m hoping this one comes a little early too so they don’t have to share so close of birthdays. We know the sex: it’s […]

A few weeks ago, we told Milo that Nana and Grandpa’s cat, Sister, had gone to sleep. He started asking about her yesterday. MILO: Nana and Grandpa’s cat was very tired and went to sleep. I want to see Nana and Grandpa’s cat. BEN: Well, you can’t. She’s dead. MILO: Dead? But I want to […]

I’ve been meaning to blog for months now, but on top of work, we’ve had a crazy month: traveled to Santa Cruz to visit Nana and Grandpa, to Westtown, PA for Ben’s 20th high school reunion, and to Maryland to see Ong and Ba. Then my family came out–including my sister and her 5-year old from Paris–over this […]

This is a video that Chippy took when she was babysitting Milo for the evening a few weeks ago. She said this monologue (or I guess, conversation with Duck) went on for 15 minutes. I just love how he’s glancing around the room to get ideas. Pronunciation seems to take a lot of effort when he’s making […]

Lately Milo has been quite the homebody. We ask him if he wants to go to the climbing gym, the zoo, or the library, and he simply replies, “Stay home.” And it’s kind of awesome. We love no set schedule and we experience Milo’s imagination in fine form. One minute we’re hiding from the BIG […]


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