Lately Milo has been quite the homebody. We ask him if he wants to go to the climbing gym, the zoo, or the library, and he simply replies, “Stay home.” And it’s kind of awesome. We love no set schedule and we experience Milo’s imagination in fine form. One minute we’re hiding from the BIG […]

I am currently obsessed with the movie Frozen. Yes, it’s Disney, which I admit I grew up on and pretty much loved up until I met my Grinch of Disney husband. Now I’m quite the critic as an adult. But seriously, the music in Frozen is right up there with Little Mermaid and Aladdin. The song […]

The other day, I saw this ad. The article with it also has a great point, but I won’t start that debate. (Besides, everyone knows where Ben and I stand, even today with our Snort lover.) But what really resonated with me were the big, bold letters: Milo has really gotten into playing with LEGO. I […]

I had started this post at Thanksgiving, but never got around to finishing it. It’s been a busy two months since Milo’s second birthday. Work, holidays, travel. Then unfortunately, there was a sad turn of events entering into the new year. Ben’s sister died unexpectedly on January 2nd. She was a beautiful and talented woman, […]

Better late than never! By the way, we really feel there’s a market for belated holiday cards. Dear Family and Friends, Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday. We had a relaxing vacation spending time with family. T-shirts and flip-flops in December – it’s obvious why Ben’s parents chose to retire in […]

This is a very late post. I wrote it awhile ago, but things got busy and never had time to post it. My parents are coming this weekend so I better catch up.  My sister’s town just outside of Paris, Puteaux, has a resort in Corsica only open to its residents. It’s a good deal […]

My dear Milo, Today is your birthday! And wow, have you been waiting for it.  Being the youngest in your class, you are now a birthday party veteran. Your favorite song from this year 2013 is probably the “Happy Birthday” song. Your 2nd birthday landed on Veteran’s day, so we took the day off and spent […]


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